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Fashion: Vogue November 2012

I nearly listed this post under literature...
As a self-confessed magazine and fashion fanatic it may come as a surprise that I don't buy Vogue every month at one stage I did, I used to spend over £50 a month on magazines this included religiously purchasing the following: LOOK (4x a month), Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan, More (4x a month) TotalFILM, Empire, Heat (4x a month) InStyle, Vogue.
I am much better now, when I realized how much my addiction was costing me I went cold turkey for two months! Now I just buy Cosmopolitan and InStyle and if Glamour or Vogue have a particularity intriguing article or a cover star I love I buy them too.
So this month Jennifer Lawrence was on the front- I obviously had to invest! Plus it was just £2 instead of £4.10

Whilst the interview with her is interesting and she comes across as smart, sweet and honest the magazine itself is the best I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. This is the first time I have said "Right there! That's one Vogue is so prestigious!"

Who doesn't love a high-end fashion magazine which includes tiger print, cake-pops in the shape of perfume bottles, goth-glam and white stilettos?

I decided to offer an insight into the latest issue so you can all go snag a copy-it'll be the best decision you make...

Contributing Editor

Whats your flavour? (p.220)
"People who like eating are simply not interested in smelling like a pudding"
Chef and supermodel Sophie Dahl articulates this witty and insightful piece on perfumes and their links to the scents of a kitchen.
It was interesting and rather thought-provoking, it had me wondering: Why do I love perfumes that smell of vanilla or jelly beans? Dahl attempted to shatter the idea that smelling like chocolate was pleasant, she almost deemed it undesirable. 
Give it a read to discover her final word.

VogueSpy (p.119)

Eveningwear special
"How to carry off the implication undress versus indecent exposure, and the cold"
This time Vogue decided to tackle winter evening wear with a mention of designers Bibi Bachtadze (check her out) and the infamous Alice + Olivia- amongst others. The article throws so many wonderful textiles, shapes and colours at you it's hard to know where to start; sequin dresses, box clutches, metallic heels and lace bodies are all hot. 
It will have you brimming with inspiration for the Christmas party or New Year celebrations


Which shoe are you? (p.65-68) 
"Those shoes are repellent- did you get them in an orthopaedic shop and vajazzle them yourself?"
The first paragraph of this item is witty, funny and relatable and article continues in such a manner. Three Vogue editors offer light on their 'type' of shoe and as they help us readers understand why they love a certain style you find yourself nodding in agreement or shaking your head in shock. All done so with a little chuckle.
Where do you fall in the world of footwear? Pretty Fancy, White Stiletto or Jolie Laide?

Tiger, tiger burning bright (p.59)
"Show your allegiance to this magnificent beast by tracking it down on necklaces and clutch bags"
For so long its all been about leopard print (self-confessed leopard fanatic by the way) but this short and sweet piece pushes the tiger print and picture forward.
With scarves, rings, make up and even plates available to you, Vogue show you how to channel your inner tigress either with eye-catching statement pieces or a subtle touch of orange and black.
Will you be swapping leopard for tiger this Winter?


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