Friday, 5 October 2012

Life: September Monthly Round up

So September has been rather long I think, I am thankful it is Autumn because Summer was so shit I just wanted it over and done with!
I have been seriously stressed this month, which is very unlike me, I am pretty laid back and tend to just roll with and let whatever happen happen but September has been such a tedious waiting game.
Since Amber moved to Bristol my life has kind of been up in the air! Finally though I kind of know what I’m doing.
Me and Bryz handed our notices in at work and we shall officially be moving to London at the end of October!! Without jobs!! We are truly MAD.
I am excited about this as I can finally pack in my job, which I hate and can actually start a career but a ) being jobless is terrifying and b)as I’m moving in October I might miss Halloween : (
It has always been my favourite holiday and I am supposed to be seeing Hannah but I don’t know what I will be doing that weekend as its possible it will be my moving date! Owwww : ( I just want it over and done with, these next few months will just be murder I can tell, not looking forward to it.
In related news my bezzie mate Michaela will be moving too! She has a job in Birmingham, where her boyfriend lives and will be starting there next month! So much change.
In preparation for the move I sorted out some of my stuff; threw away a bin bag of clothes and a fair few pair of shoes, ready for the move- still own over thirty pairs though!
Mitch came up to visit early September as it was the local food and drink festival in Ludlow which takes place in the castle, it’s pretty famous actually. I had a really good time and had the tastiest Nutella and banana crepe, was delicious, we also bought some cupcakes and some fudge. YUM !!!
I went to the cinema twice, watched The Sweeney with Michaela and Paranorman with Mitch, they were both good but I really enjoyed Paranorman, although it was pretty scary!
Me and Michaela ended up going to the cinema after our burlesque lesson was cancelled! There’s no point us going now as Michaela moves to Birmingham next week and then I’m off to London, gutted about that.
Two of my friends from work left too, Harriet has a job in marketing and Dan has gone to work at Lloyds bank, I wish them both luck, I know they’ll do great!
Recreational wise I started watching Sons of Anarchy. WOWZERS!! I cannot recommend it enough, I watched three seasons in one week! That, my friend, is nearly FORTY episodes, yeah it’s pretty freaking good!! I am just about to start season five now and I am still loving it.
TV wise summer was the season of no shows but 90210, Gossip Girl, Once Upon  A Time, Supernatural and the new show Arrow are back on within the next two weeks so I shall officially become a hermit.
I have been really put off going to the gym as the weather has been horrible it’s either freezing or pouring down with rain! Instead I have been doing my Pussycat Dolls Work out DVD, LOLZ.
This weekend is the start of October which means Mitch starts his masters!! Exciting! I am seeing Michaela Friday night, getting a tattoo on Saturday then going to Wales to see Mitch he will be studying Screenplay in Cardiff.
Start as you mean to go on right? I can already tell how manic October will be....


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