Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fashion: September/October Loves 2012

I am at it again, pining after stuff I want and this month. I most certainly cannot buy them as I only have one pay cheque left before I'm over to London jobless!
This is for September and October but in all honesty I'm sure it'll be much longer by the end of October. I am already spending too much time on the Motel Rocks website!

Cat Shoes- Blink £30 
Green Jumper- H&M £19
Pink Notepad- Ted Baker £15
White Jeans- Dorothy Perkins £28 (I actually want these in reverse, black with white panels...)
Babydoll Pink Lipstick-Look £7
Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb- Lush £3.20
Marilyn Monroe Powder- MAC £23.50
Navy Collection Varnished- Nails Inc £25

In regards to my August Loves list I managed to purchased the faux leather skirt perspex shoes and a red lipstick! Not too bad. I still want some cat-eye sunglasses, the cupcakes and cashmere book and a watch but oh well!


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