Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fashion: J-Law and Christian Dior

“It’s such a dream to represent an iconic brand that is synonymous with high fashion"
-Jennifer Lawrence

I saw this coming a mile off, I even contemplated writing a post about it a few weeks back.
Jennifer Lawrence, the fantastic actress from The Hungers Game and Winters Bone, has been announced as the new face of Miss Dior, the French labels’ handbag line.
The Kentucky-born actress has been photographed wearing numerous pieces by the designer  so it comes as no surprise that she will now be the official ambassador of the high-end fashion label. I wasn’t sure whether it would be the perfume, the accessories or the makeup line which she would be representing but it has been announced she will now take over from Mila Kunis to appear in the ads for the handbag campaign.
Jennifer Lawrence always looks fabulous whether its glamorous and made up or cool and casual. She clearly appreciates great fashion but she has also famously claimed to not invest too much time in the world of style. However she also states its impossible not to in the world of Hollywood! True, they do go hand in hand.

(Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior)
Love Dior and love Lawrence so I cannot wait to see what beautiful imagery these two will conjure together.

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