Sunday, 28 October 2012

Fashion: Celebrities Loves

Since the rise of the Bis Un Bout I have been looking out for Celebrity Craze number two, there have been a few; the odd pair of Jimmy Choo shoes or J-Brand jeans but this is the clothing I see everywhere.

Wildfox Couture Seeing Stars Lennon Jumper

I have had my eye on this for a while, since Jessica Simpson tweeted a photo of herself wearing it. I thought it was very cute, although hesitant about the already made holes, and then it was mentioned on E! Fashion Police.

Wildfox Couture is part of the California born, originally knit wear brand, Wildfox. It's not quite designer but rather high end high street with this particular jumper totaling up to £200. The average t-shirt is about £60 and a jumper £120 but clearly this sweater is rather special!
Available in navy, pink, black and others this vintage style piece has been made from a wool-mix, it has a boat-neckline with a star motif and already detailed rips and tears to offer a worn feel.

 (L-R Emma Roberts, Ashley Tisdale, Shenae Grimes, Alessandra Ambrosio)

(L-R Khloe Kardashian, Jessie J, Emma Watson, Jessica Simpson) 

This is a rather relaxed article of clothing, perfect for an airport journey like Ashley Tisdale or a stroll in the summer styled as Alessandra Ambrosio. 
Personally, I think I would warm it up with jeans, a jacket and some skinnies or throw it over a cute dress in a chilly summer evening. 


Friday, 26 October 2012

Fashion: Halloweens Freaky Fashion

As you are all aware it is Halloween extremely soon and as I am moving I won't be celebrating :( It is without a doubt my favourite holiday so I am rather gutted I won't be able to have some horror fun. Instead I have decided to throw together some day to day wear inspired by All Hallows Eve!
From gothic black lace and blood coloured knits to devilish head pieces and freakish jewelery
I shall be offering the high street and high end options. Check it out below...if you dare...

 (L-R Trousers- New Look £22.99, Bat earrings- Pyrettas Lair £4.79, Crop top- Topshop £15, Halterneck top- Adam Jones £193, Bat earrings- Rachel Entwistle £61, Trousers- Bandolera £175, Nightmare tee- River Island £15, Velvet skirt-Miss Selfridge, Silk skirt- Roksanda Illncic £355, Skeleton tee- Wildfox £65, Cat ears- Miss Selfridge £8.99, Glitter heels- Topshop £55, Skull clutch- Amazon £24, Cobweb heels- Christian Louboutin £1145, Cat ears- Mimi Holliday £135, Skull clutch- Alexander McQueen £895)

This post both excites and really upsets me!! I love all the interesting ideas I came across and the quirky ways in which people include horror pieces in everyday wear.

Anyway I hope you all of have a horrific Halloween :D

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Fashion: Modern Princesses

As autumn and the festive seasons draw closer we are starting to see bits and pieces of the campaigns, collaborations and collections we have been preparing for since Summer. So far we have had Marilyn Monroe with MAC make up and Cinderella inspired Sephora pieces, come November we shall have a full view of the Kardashians and Dorothy Perkins clothing line and also the Christmas Disney Harrods display.
Although we've been having snippets and glimpses of the Kardashians styles we haven't had much from the array of high-end designers contributing to the Harrods artwork. Until now.

A video has been released which is fabulous and sketches by each of the designers have also been made avaliable for viewing and they are simply stunning.

The one minute or so clip is a dreamy fairytale mixed with couture paradise, the music paired with it is also tantalizing exciting and somewhat romantic.
As for the designers drawings check them out below:

 Rapunzel imagined by Jenny Packham and Belle created by Velentino

Ariel in a Marchesa gown, Jasmine in Escada and Tiana in a Ralph and Russo number

Snow White inspires Osca De La Renta and Aurora shines in Elie Saab

Cinderella dressed in Versace, Mulan in Missoni and Pocahontas in Roberto Cavalli

The pairings are spot on, Escada has used the juiciest of shades for the Arabian Princess and Marchesa has the ocean-like shapes and colours which suit an Atlantis born royalty perfectly.

I have to say I think they are all brilliantly created and you can tell the amount of thought and consideration each fashion genius has put into the designs.
My favourites are Pocahontas, Aurora and Cinderella. I love how Versace (as always) glammed up and blinged out Cinderella for the perfect modern twist. Cavalli uses his trademark animalistic prints to make Pocahontas look every inch the striking, sexy and fearless female she is.

The wonderful displays will be starring alongside a 7,000 square fit Disney Princess inspired boutique situated on the fourth floor at Harrods in Knightsbridge. 

This will all be on show for us 1st November, just a week away!!!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Beauty: Cinderella and Sephora

I was actually under the impression it would be an entire princess collection and not just Cinderella but I can still work with this.
Sephora have now released the beauty collection since their paired with Disney (I mentioned this previously) and it's ever so pretty.
It is very fairytale and rather elegant and not very Disney which I am suprisingly happy about. I think that with Disney it can often be too cheesy, superficial or childish but Sephora have managed to pick apart the tale and offered a chic and attractive range.
I love the way Sephora have set out the website too, the marketing for this is brilliant. With each piece they have offered a desciption which just screams magic and enchantment. 
There isn't a particularly large choice but it is all rather wondrous.
Below are sample of my top three favourites:


Compact Mirror $20/ £12
What it is:
A purse-friendly mirror designed after the iconic clock that signals the end to Cinderella’s enchanting spell.

What it does:
Touch-up your look with style and grace with this mirror designed after the iconic clock from the film. This elegant compact, adorned with a gold overlay, is the perfect addition to any princess’ collection.

What else you need to know:
“It’s time for your moment.”

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Fashion: Vogue November 2012

I nearly listed this post under literature...
As a self-confessed magazine and fashion fanatic it may come as a surprise that I don't buy Vogue every month at one stage I did, I used to spend over £50 a month on magazines this included religiously purchasing the following: LOOK (4x a month), Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan, More (4x a month) TotalFILM, Empire, Heat (4x a month) InStyle, Vogue.
I am much better now, when I realized how much my addiction was costing me I went cold turkey for two months! Now I just buy Cosmopolitan and InStyle and if Glamour or Vogue have a particularity intriguing article or a cover star I love I buy them too.
So this month Jennifer Lawrence was on the front- I obviously had to invest! Plus it was just £2 instead of £4.10

Whilst the interview with her is interesting and she comes across as smart, sweet and honest the magazine itself is the best I have had the pleasure to read in a long time. This is the first time I have said "Right there! That's one Vogue is so prestigious!"

Who doesn't love a high-end fashion magazine which includes tiger print, cake-pops in the shape of perfume bottles, goth-glam and white stilettos?

I decided to offer an insight into the latest issue so you can all go snag a copy-it'll be the best decision you make...

Contributing Editor

Whats your flavour? (p.220)
"People who like eating are simply not interested in smelling like a pudding"
Chef and supermodel Sophie Dahl articulates this witty and insightful piece on perfumes and their links to the scents of a kitchen.
It was interesting and rather thought-provoking, it had me wondering: Why do I love perfumes that smell of vanilla or jelly beans? Dahl attempted to shatter the idea that smelling like chocolate was pleasant, she almost deemed it undesirable. 
Give it a read to discover her final word.

VogueSpy (p.119)

Eveningwear special
"How to carry off the implication undress versus indecent exposure, and the cold"
This time Vogue decided to tackle winter evening wear with a mention of designers Bibi Bachtadze (check her out) and the infamous Alice + Olivia- amongst others. The article throws so many wonderful textiles, shapes and colours at you it's hard to know where to start; sequin dresses, box clutches, metallic heels and lace bodies are all hot. 
It will have you brimming with inspiration for the Christmas party or New Year celebrations


Which shoe are you? (p.65-68) 
"Those shoes are repellent- did you get them in an orthopaedic shop and vajazzle them yourself?"
The first paragraph of this item is witty, funny and relatable and article continues in such a manner. Three Vogue editors offer light on their 'type' of shoe and as they help us readers understand why they love a certain style you find yourself nodding in agreement or shaking your head in shock. All done so with a little chuckle.
Where do you fall in the world of footwear? Pretty Fancy, White Stiletto or Jolie Laide?

Tiger, tiger burning bright (p.59)
"Show your allegiance to this magnificent beast by tracking it down on necklaces and clutch bags"
For so long its all been about leopard print (self-confessed leopard fanatic by the way) but this short and sweet piece pushes the tiger print and picture forward.
With scarves, rings, make up and even plates available to you, Vogue show you how to channel your inner tigress either with eye-catching statement pieces or a subtle touch of orange and black.
Will you be swapping leopard for tiger this Winter?


Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Life: "My Love Is Like A Star"

My Love Is Like A Star
Demi Lovato  

The space in between us  
Starts to feel like we're worlds apart  
Like I'm going crazy 
And you say it's raining in your heart  
You're telling me nobody's there  
To dry up the flood  
Oh but that's just crazy '
Cause baby I told ya I'm here for good

My love's like a star, yeah  
You can't always see me  
But you know that I'm always there  
When you see one shining  
Take it as mine  
And remember I'm always near  
If you see a comet  
Baby I'm on it  
Making my way back home  
Just follow the glow yeah  
It won't be long  
Just know that you're not alone

I tried to build the walls  
To keep you safe when I'm not around  
But as soon as I'm away from you  
You say they come tumbling down  
But it's not about the time  
That we don't get to spend together  
It's about how strong our love is  
When I'm gone and it feels like forever  

My love's like a star, yeah  
You can't always see me  
But you know that I'm always there  
When you see one shining  
Take it as mine  
And remember I'm always near  
If you see a comet  
Baby I'm on it  
Making my way back home  
Just follow the glow yeah  
It won't be long  
Just know that you're not alone
 You say that time away makes your heart grow numb 
But I can stay just to prove you wrong  
Oh look at how far we've come  
Don't you know 
Don't know that you're the one

My love's like a star, yeah  
You can't always see me  
But you know that I'm always there  
When you see one shining  
Take it as mine  
And remember I'm always near  
If you see a comet  
Baby I'm on it  
Making my way back home  
Just follow the glow yeah  
It won't be long  
Just know that you're not alone

Fashion: September/October Loves 2012

I am at it again, pining after stuff I want and this month. I most certainly cannot buy them as I only have one pay cheque left before I'm over to London jobless!
This is for September and October but in all honesty I'm sure it'll be much longer by the end of October. I am already spending too much time on the Motel Rocks website!

Cat Shoes- Blink £30 
Green Jumper- H&M £19
Pink Notepad- Ted Baker £15
White Jeans- Dorothy Perkins £28 (I actually want these in reverse, black with white panels...)
Babydoll Pink Lipstick-Look £7
Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb- Lush £3.20
Marilyn Monroe Powder- MAC £23.50
Navy Collection Varnished- Nails Inc £25

In regards to my August Loves list I managed to purchased the faux leather skirt perspex shoes and a red lipstick! Not too bad. I still want some cat-eye sunglasses, the cupcakes and cashmere book and a watch but oh well!


Fashion: Kardashian Kollection Klothes

It's so funny since I had my tattoo on my back done I have been looking for a backless dress I love so I could show it off.
Then BAM Kim releases this photo of her in a super glam super cute backless dress! It is everything I would love for in a night out dress; black, sequins, mini, long-sleeved, scoop back and bodycon.

It's the first piece of clothing we know will be available to us UK buyers when the line hits our Dorothy Perkins stores on 8th November (30 days!!!)
I look forward to see the entire collection soon


Fashion: J-Law and Christian Dior

“It’s such a dream to represent an iconic brand that is synonymous with high fashion"
-Jennifer Lawrence

I saw this coming a mile off, I even contemplated writing a post about it a few weeks back.
Jennifer Lawrence, the fantastic actress from The Hungers Game and Winters Bone, has been announced as the new face of Miss Dior, the French labels’ handbag line.
The Kentucky-born actress has been photographed wearing numerous pieces by the designer  so it comes as no surprise that she will now be the official ambassador of the high-end fashion label. I wasn’t sure whether it would be the perfume, the accessories or the makeup line which she would be representing but it has been announced she will now take over from Mila Kunis to appear in the ads for the handbag campaign.
Jennifer Lawrence always looks fabulous whether its glamorous and made up or cool and casual. She clearly appreciates great fashion but she has also famously claimed to not invest too much time in the world of style. However she also states its impossible not to in the world of Hollywood! True, they do go hand in hand.

(Jennifer Lawrence in Christian Dior)
Love Dior and love Lawrence so I cannot wait to see what beautiful imagery these two will conjure together.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Life: Tattoo Number Four

My new tattoo.
A little homage to Beauty and the Beast; my favourite film and the greatest love story ever told

Friday, 5 October 2012

Life: September Monthly Round up

So September has been rather long I think, I am thankful it is Autumn because Summer was so shit I just wanted it over and done with!
I have been seriously stressed this month, which is very unlike me, I am pretty laid back and tend to just roll with and let whatever happen happen but September has been such a tedious waiting game.
Since Amber moved to Bristol my life has kind of been up in the air! Finally though I kind of know what I’m doing.
Me and Bryz handed our notices in at work and we shall officially be moving to London at the end of October!! Without jobs!! We are truly MAD.
I am excited about this as I can finally pack in my job, which I hate and can actually start a career but a ) being jobless is terrifying and b)as I’m moving in October I might miss Halloween : (
It has always been my favourite holiday and I am supposed to be seeing Hannah but I don’t know what I will be doing that weekend as its possible it will be my moving date! Owwww : ( I just want it over and done with, these next few months will just be murder I can tell, not looking forward to it.
In related news my bezzie mate Michaela will be moving too! She has a job in Birmingham, where her boyfriend lives and will be starting there next month! So much change.
In preparation for the move I sorted out some of my stuff; threw away a bin bag of clothes and a fair few pair of shoes, ready for the move- still own over thirty pairs though!
Mitch came up to visit early September as it was the local food and drink festival in Ludlow which takes place in the castle, it’s pretty famous actually. I had a really good time and had the tastiest Nutella and banana crepe, was delicious, we also bought some cupcakes and some fudge. YUM !!!
I went to the cinema twice, watched The Sweeney with Michaela and Paranorman with Mitch, they were both good but I really enjoyed Paranorman, although it was pretty scary!
Me and Michaela ended up going to the cinema after our burlesque lesson was cancelled! There’s no point us going now as Michaela moves to Birmingham next week and then I’m off to London, gutted about that.
Two of my friends from work left too, Harriet has a job in marketing and Dan has gone to work at Lloyds bank, I wish them both luck, I know they’ll do great!
Recreational wise I started watching Sons of Anarchy. WOWZERS!! I cannot recommend it enough, I watched three seasons in one week! That, my friend, is nearly FORTY episodes, yeah it’s pretty freaking good!! I am just about to start season five now and I am still loving it.
TV wise summer was the season of no shows but 90210, Gossip Girl, Once Upon  A Time, Supernatural and the new show Arrow are back on within the next two weeks so I shall officially become a hermit.
I have been really put off going to the gym as the weather has been horrible it’s either freezing or pouring down with rain! Instead I have been doing my Pussycat Dolls Work out DVD, LOLZ.
This weekend is the start of October which means Mitch starts his masters!! Exciting! I am seeing Michaela Friday night, getting a tattoo on Saturday then going to Wales to see Mitch he will be studying Screenplay in Cardiff.
Start as you mean to go on right? I can already tell how manic October will be....