Monday, 10 September 2012

Literature: Lost Voices Review

Lost Voices
Sarah Porter
Lost Voices is a rather dark teen tale about a fourteen year old girl named Lucette who is transformed into a mermaid after a sickening attack from her alcoholic uncle. 

A shy orphan with no friends and only a violent uncle as her family, Lucette has only ever known a life of misery, every human she has ever known has either neglected or abused her. One stormy night in Alaska Lucette finds herself on the receiving end of a horrific assault from her uncle which leaves her cold, beaten and emotionally traumatized. Close to death Lucette falls of the cliff face and into the sea, she wakes up some moments later and discovers she has been turned into a mermaid. Not only that, she isn’t alone, there are others girls just like Lucette who have suffered a distressing ordeal in life and have been transformed into mermaids. As Lucette begins to settle into her ocean life she realizes that her new mermaid friends hold a severe grudge against humans and spend their days singing mortals to their deaths.
As Lucette steadily becomes to feel guilty and sad for those humans they murder, she begins to realize this puts her at odds with the fellow mermaids.

I've wanted to read a mermaid based novel for some time and this is the one that stood out for me and so I really wanted to enjoy it. I some extent.

The main protganist Luce is sweet and likeable and does not seem so young that you cannot relate but unfortunately the rest of the characters fall flat in comparison. I struggled to sympathize with those you should be rooting for and found the villain(s) simply annoying and tiresome as opposed to evil. I also thought some of the descriptive narrative was out of place in a teen fiction novel and in some places felt that the entire story it was trying to be smarter then it truly was.
Although I finished the novel I still haven't decided if I will read the entire trilogy, there is something continiously lacking; in the dialogue, the characters and the story as a whole.
However the end of the book did indicate it would be heading in a direction I found much more appealing.  
Lost Voices does serve up a relatively strong female lead and is, in short, a tale of morals, trust and pain, it's a shame that the plot doesn't support the innovative idea.

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