Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Fashion: What Have I Bought?

This is a post to show the clothes and accessories I have been naughty and bought...I don't tend to spend money of clothes usually on shoes/bags and make up.

Bird Print Shirt by New Look £19.99
I'm not even much of a shirt person really! I just saw this, loved the print and thought it was really cute. It has a collar too, which isn't very me at all. I won't be wearing it buttoned all the way up with high waisted denim shorts and brogues...just so you know. Probably with skinny trousers and boots...

Barbie T-Shirt by Miss Selfridge £9.50
This tops came out a whole ago but sold out so fast! I'd wanted one for sometime now saw this one on ebay. I bid on it and didn't actually think I would win-but I did! I am happy but when I did some research some people said its more of a nighty :/ Hopefully not!

Clear and Nude Heels by Ella £19.95
Yes, Yes, I finally bought these shoes. Obviously they are NO Christian Louboutin and I'm not actaully sure when I will wear them as they aren't high enough for a night out! But I had to have them! For only £20 too. I am very excited for them to arrive :)

Khaki  GreenSkinny Trousers by Primark £5.50
This whole purchases actaully depresses me a tad.....I already have this trousers but I bought them aboutt wo years and am no longer that skinny! Wah for me. I can't seem to shift the couple of pounds I need to squeeze into the smaller size so just bought the size up!Ha. I think I'll sell my current pair on ebay. TBF It's only that I can't zip them up so these new ones might be too big.....

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