Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Beauty: What Have I Bought?

Although I definitely think retail therapy works it often leaves me a fair share of guilty after as I know I simply shouldn't be buying ANY of this stuff, my wages cannot cover my lifestyle. Because I'm kind of stressed at the moment with work, houses, moving etc I am just spending money left, right and centre instead of sorting it out. This stops now!
I still shall be doing 'what have i bought?' posts, I think it's quite a cool idea and I could do them every few months or so depending on my shopping will power.
Come the Autumn/Winter I probably will be living in London and hopefully be earning a bit more so can shop and create this posts guilt free! Woohoo for me! So here we go for the beauty edition

What have I bought?
Lipstick in 001, Kate for Rimmel, £4.99
Urgh I cannot stand Kate Moss but I must have tried about eight or so shades before I chose this one and it was my favourite.
I'm not much of a lipstick person, I find it makes my teeth look a tad too yellow :/ but decided to bite the bullet- everyone needs a decent red lipstick in their beauty bag.
Eyeliner Pencil in White, Barry M, £2.99
I have had my eye on a white eyeliner for a while now. I really like the white on the inner eye and on the waterline then black surrounding it, feel very sixties. So I decided to for Barry M. This glides on very smoothly and although it doesn't last all day I can't complain for £2

Eyeshadow Palette in Seductive, Revlon £8.99
I kind of think I should have just bought the lilac eyeshadow dazzle by 17 which I so dearly love but instead decided to branch out. Purple, lilac and silver are probably my favourite colours to wear on my eyes and I have worn my previous lilac eye colour to death and needed a new one. I bought this because I've never tried Revlon shadow before and I really liked the varied shades. We shall see!

Eyebrow Shaper Arc De Triumph by Soap and Glory, £8.00
I usually just use Rimmel eyebrow pencil and to be fair it has done me proud but I thought I would branch out and purhcase some Soap and Glory make up. I love their Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss so am excited to try this out. With the highlighter and definer I hope it lives up to my expectations.

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