Friday, 21 September 2012

Beauty: MAC & Marilyn

First look of MAC's Marilyn Monroe line!!!
It is a glamourous collection of metallic shimmers, strong reds and jet black.
The line will officially be on sale in October!!! Not long at all now.
Prices will vary from approx. £9.25 to £18

As you would expect the lip stick main shade is red; from bold berry, deep scarlet to British pillar box, there is also a to die for nude and a few lip liners to compliment the reds.
All of the lip stick tubes have a black and white photo of Marilyn on I have never actaully spied before

The eyeshadow is where the glimmer and sparkle comes in. In silver, champagne and cream all with a pearl tint the eyes will make those peepers glitter without taking the focus away from the show-stopping lips.

Nail polishes will give the eye-catching lip stains a run for their money in shades of gold, red, coral and some shimemr shades.

We also have a brow finisher, black kohl eyeliner, white eye liner, carbon black mascara, dazzleglass, brow marker, liquid liner, false lashes, powder (some pictured below)

I am so keen for this all!! I really want some of the Barbie, Disney Villiams and more of the Wonderwoman make up collection. I love MAC and this is just a fabulous idea, she was a beauty icon.
I have my eyes of a few eye shimmers, nude and red lipsticks and nail varnishes. Good bye all of my money!

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