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Beauty: Soap and Glory Arc De Triumph Review

Soap and Glory Arc De Triumph Review

Arc De Triumph Eyebrow Shaper & Highlighter
"It shapes! It shifts! It lifts for instantly beautiful brows" Unfortunately I don't belive it did any of the above! Not much to say about that.

Writing this post makes me sad...but it had to be done.
Maybe I should write a positive beauty review for once? I shall try one day.
Anyway I really love Soap and Glory products; for one they smell absolutely delicious and second the packaging is great.
I have tried the body scrub, lip gloss, hand cream, facial scrub and now the eyebrow pencil. 
I simply love the sexy motherpucker lip gloss it is so tingly, glossy and smells super yummy, I tend to buy that when I invest in a new lip gloss but I always seem to lose it, at £9 its a high-end high street price. 
I also love the hand food, its such a strong smell and it really hydrates my hands when they are dry and tired, its kinda pricey for a hand moisturizer at £5 though.
I also adore the fab-pore facial cream, it makes my face feel and look fresh and bright, I guess for £8 its pretty good too!
Therefore when I purchased the Arc-De-Triumph eyebrow shaper and highlighter I was very excited to use it. 
Just looking at the product it really grabs your attention and how great are her eyebrows? Mine did not look like that...
Having spent £8 on this beauty buy as opposed to £3 on the standard Rimmel eyebrow pencil I really expected a great deal more but I was not happy with the outcome.
I found the actual pencil went blunt really quickly and you had to press pretty hard to have any sort of impact.  
I also felt as though the colour faded far to rapidly and my eyebrows only stayed shaped and coloured for a short amount of time, I had to reapply a fair few times throughout the normal day.
At nearly three times the price of my usual eyebrow pencil I was severely let down.
The highlighter didn't do much either, you could just use a concealer, light foundation, cheek highlighter or pale eyeshadow and have the same effect.


  • Great packaging
  • Decent eyebrow colour (when it finally comes out)


  • Short-lasting
  • Overpriced
  • Ran out too quickly
  • Weak colour

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