Friday, 31 August 2012

Life: Monthy Round Up

Soooo HELLO AUGUST. Although not much of a summer was it? Typical UK, I swear you don't have this in the US...
Anyway early on in the week went out for an Indian with Keyla, was YUM. I am usually more of a Chinese kinda gal but it was delicious. We hadn't seen each other for a while so that lots of fun, we then spent hours chatting in her car! LOLZ.
I also had my hair cut :) With Elle again! She is a good one. I had a good few inches off the bottom and she gave me a side sweep I really like it! Yay.
I have been going to the gym lots too, twice a week which I am pretty happy about although as it came towards London trip, my birthday and Keyla's birthday I was kind of slacking....Shall be going this Saturday though :D
Talking of Keyla's birthday, I have NEVER seen soooooo many black dresses, jeez Louise we went through hundreds of pages and that is not an exaggeration. We finally found one we both loved, hers lace, v-neck skater dress from ASOS and mine a body-con and mesh mini from Miss Selfridge.
As you may have seen on previous posts it took me forever to decide what to wear with my LBD, in the end I went for tan/nude peep toes, silver/black make up and silver accessories. I had such a disaster with buying shoes though. I won some on ebay but then just never came!! I have never been conned, I filed a complaint case and ebay refunded me, thank GOD. Nearly lost £40!
At the beginning of the month I trekked down to London to see my dad and my friend Hannah. It was, of course, mayhem as it was the Olympics! Mayhem. I had a fab time though, I handed my CV into lots of shops in Kingston and I heard back from some but they wanted me there and then.
When I went out with Hannah she met the love of her life! HA. Although she wasn't convinced. I always say she is like Naomi from 90210 and he was like Max. It was very funny. We went out in Clapham High Street and it was lots of fun. Good times. I lost my camera though :( And my new one isn't as good.
When I came back I was knackered and only two days at work then it was MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!FABULOUS DAY
Bryz had made me cupcakes and I opened all of my prezzies then I went to an American Diner with Mitch, Nelson and Bryony where I had a coke float and pancake with bananas and syrup. We then had takeaway pizza and watched all of the Bourne films. It was nice to just chill out and eat yummy food as the week before and after were so manic.
So the weekend after was Michaela's much anticipated Little Black Dress Birthday. It was a good night! There were so many of us and I met some new people and Michaela's boyfriend-finally. Had a great time although I had to get a taxi home alone as I couldn't find my friend Harriet-disaster!
In other work and home news, Amber (my sister) left home and moved to Bristol with her boyfriend! Madness. I think that me and my other sister with be heading to London before Christmas.
With work, we've moved places and I'm no longer sat by Harriet :( GAY also my mate Dan is leaving to work at a bank! Madness.
Anyway, September will be a month of sorting, I shall be packing up some thing and getting rid of any clothes and shoes I don't wear anymore. Also me and Keyla are going to Burlesque lessons, Dan is leaving, I'll prob hand in my notice and its AUTUMN!

(L-R: Me and Hannah at Infernos, Cupcakes, me in LBD, card from Bryz, Bourne Ultimatum poster, pink camera, play wristband, coke float, Me and Lyle)


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