Friday, 31 August 2012

Life: Belated Birthday Blog

Here's my Birthday blog of things I got to make everyone jealous of my very spoiled self!

Sooooo I hope I don't forget anything :) Such amazing things

Mitch: Catwoman, Huntress graphic novels, Beauty and the Beast film book, Cupcake oven mitt, Disney CD, Gold Raja necklace, Disney on Ice tickets (!!)

Mitch's family: Yves Saint Laurent Cinema perfume & Lost Voice novel by Sarah Porter

Sisters: Katy Perry eyelashes, comic book style stick on nails, cupcake cases, silicon cases for freezer or oven, cupcake stand, lemon meringue sprinkles, Kardashian Kolour nail polish, mini cupcake maker

Hannah: St Tropez tanning kit, Kardashian Kolour nail polish, Film map

Keyla: Disney Princess pillow, Disney poster, Nails Inc sprinkles polish

Work: Disney Princess lunch box, Disney Princess shopper, vanilla candle

Dad: Money for a new laptop

Mum: Heart shaped photo frame, Boost voucher-for my too pricey make up! flowers

I am so lucky and want to thank my family and friends who made me have a fabulous day :D

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