Friday, 24 August 2012

Fashion:Kardashian Kollection is Koming

So it was announced a couple of days ago that the Kardashian Kollection- currently sold at Sears in America- would be coming over here!! YAY. So excited.
There are so many pieces from their range which I love but cannot buy due to the extortionate posting prices but come this Autumn I will be able to pop into Dorothy Perkins and grab myself some Kardashian Klothes!

I do think that the choice of Dorothy Perkins a is a tad strange I would have gone for Miss Selfridge, River Island or maybe even H&M but exciting nonetheless! My sisters were like "We know what we're getting YOU for Christmas!"
Kim recently posted some photos online from what I would presume is a hosting for the clothing line and it looks AMAZING!!!
They haven't released any of the clothes as of yet and I'm not sure if they'll pluck some pieces from their current trends or start a whole new collection, who knows? One thing for sure is that I know they will be fabulous, judging from the set styling anyway. Everything from the sparkle to the drinks and the labels to the decor is phenomenal and so Kardashian!

It is extremly likely I will post an update on this event as soon as anything is released as I am so damn keen for it!
Anyway best get back top my actual boring life...

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