Monday, 6 August 2012

Fashion: Online Addict

Over the week or so I have purchased so much stuff off line! I think I am an addict. 
I ordered a cardigan, five dresses, perfume, a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans and a set of heated rollers....I also bought a purple bag by Zandra Rhodes and a new foundation....
I suppose all that saving in July won't be paying off. TBF I will be keeping one of the dresses and returning the others. Plus the shoes, rollers and jeans are ebay bargains!

The dresses are ordered from ASOS are below:
(L-R £10, £20.50)

The other dresses and jeans are by Topshop (L) Boohoo (M) and Miss Selfridge (R)

(L-R £10, £20, £38)

I purchased Photo Ready Revlon foundation in Natural Beige but it's a way too dark shade, even when I have a tan! This means I'll buy a very pale one, for when I'm not tanned, and mix them, genius. I think I will mix it up with GOSH in Porcelain as that is a good match. Revlon was £12.99 and Gosh £7.99

The purple bag by Zandra Rhodes was £12.50 down from £50 and shoes by from River Island £35 instead of £65.

Perfume was £10 and is Eau De Toilette by Paris Hilton and I am not kidding it smells divine! People always say how nice it smells too, then they have to make a snide remark about it being by Miss Hilton...The rollers are by Nicky Clarke and were only £12

I have also being ordering stuff for my friends birthday present which I obviously will not be broad casting as its a suprise!

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