Monday, 20 August 2012

Fashion: LBD Stylize

My friends birthday celebrations are fast approaching, mine have officially begun with a trip to London, a night out in Clapham and I am seeing my boyfriend this weekend (update in August) but Michaela has been planning a night out for some time now and as previously advise it has the LBD theme.
We have now both officially found our dresses! My only dilemma now is how do I accessorize, style and beautify the dress? I will most likely be going with either black or nude accessories and the dress is below. I am still throwing around some ideas, but these are the ideas I cannot choose between, as always, some celebrity inspiration

Option 1)  
Classic Glam in the style of  Jennifer Love Hewitt
This is about big styled hair, metallic make up and neutral black and nude accessories

Option 2)  
Rainbow Chic in the style of Katy Perry
Coloured hair extensions, black accessories and pink nails

Option 3) 
Hollywood Vixen in the style of Kim Kardashian
Similar to option 1 with a dash of colour; pink lips, smokey eyes, bright nails and a tan

 Option 4) 
Rebel Kitten in the style of Daisy Lowe
Black nails, red lips and silver accessories with messy straight hair and little to no fake tan

Option 5) 
Comic Starlet in the style of Fergie
Funky nails, calmer hair, glam tan and black make up- all of the focus on the nail art

I literally cannot make a decision!!!!

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