Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fashion: Icon- The Lauren Conrad Post

“Every girl should have a little black dress, a great boyfriend blazer and a pair of skinny jeans.”
Say hello to Lauren Conrad :D
I am now onto icon number 4 and this was both extremely easy and very hard! It was easy to pick Lauren Conrad but hard to find as little as 12 outfits which I love as there are so many.
Not unlike Ashley Tisdale LC tackles the all American girl look with such ease, the difference between Lauren and Ashley is that Lauren always looks sugary sweet-in an amazing way. Sometimes Ashley will look slightly alternative or sex up an outfit whereas being the queen of Chanel handbags, Lauren Conrad, is consistently pretty and chic.
(Strangely though I must add I own her Style book and I really do not like it!)

*A tight blue skirt, leather jacket and Chanel bag out and about October 2011
*Plaid shirt and Yves Saint Laurent Tribute heels in L.A September 2008
*Attending 2nd Annual Autumn party in 2011 wearing a cute cream Aldo Romonelli flapper dress
*In a sugary sweet Lela Rose shift skater dress at Barnes Noble April 2012

*Celebrating The Hills Finale in a sparkly and glam Kanki Mandaley mini dress in 2010
*Making a secret appearance at Heidi's wedding in an azure blue Valentino Red dress April 2009
*At the VH1 Divas Event in a stunning Alice and Olivia black glittery dress where she looked like a superstar
*In a chic nude maxi skirt and blush top from her Paper Crown collection at David Yurman's opening 2012

*Looking cool in leather trousers and Rebecca Minkoff spotted shirt and Toni and Guy event 2011
*Out in Hollywood wearing Miu Miu sandals in October 2011
*Pretty and cute in a tweed like blue mini dress and Christian Louboutins promoting her book LA Candy in 2011
*Rocking a pretty caramel dress and Yves Saint Laurent Hampton Sandals on I Love Reese's Day

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  1. Lauren Conrad is one of my FAVORITE fashion and style icons! Her look is so effortless and carefree. Love this post.

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