Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fashion: Celebrities Love

This is a type of post I have been thinking about creating for a while now, with the amount of time I spend looking and clothes and celebrities I often pick up on pieces which are gradually becoming popular. With this in mind I have decided to, every so often, mark up a piece of clothing or an accessory which has become very popular among the star world.

This first timer was easy!
Christian Louboutin Bis Un Bout Heel
I have had my eye on these shoes for quite some time, I saw Kim Kardashian wearing them-what a surprise I know-and loved them! I have being looking for a copycat style ever since, with little success.

They are designed by the infamous shoe mogul Christian Louboutin which automatically provides you with the guarantee they will be popular among actors, models and musicians alike.
So far I have seen them in yellow, red, black, turquoise and white but I am sure there are many other colours and styles out there just waiting to be spotted.
The shoes are part of the Spring 2012 collection and are made of leather/suede and PVC, they have an almost almon toe like point and either one or two ankle straps, the heel comes in at approximately 4.7 inches.

(L-R Alicia Keys, Kristen Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Brooklyn Decker) 

 (L-R Katy Perry, Beyonce Knowles, LaLa Vasquez, Naya Rivera)

A versatile pump which takes you from day to night the Bis un Bout can add a dash of colour, an alternative edge or a sophisticated look to any outfit.
As you can see above there are so many ways to rock the heel; California pretty like Brooklyn Decker, effortless cool and androgynous like Kristen Stewart or hot red a la Naya Rivera.


  1. Those are gorgeous Rose! I know that Zara had some similar but without the PVC :) xxx

    1. I know i love them, so checking out Zara!