Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Comics: Superman and Wonder Woman

I must protest!!!
When I first found out that DC were rebooting their comics with 'The New 52' I wasn't too happy, I love the Zatanna collection I'd been avidly following and the stories for  Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary etc seemed pretty damn good.
Anyway since the collection came out I have signed up to Justice League Dark and although I am enjoying the issues, there are a fair few things I preferred; Zatanna's costume being one! No more top hat and fishnets?! I have also just been given the Catwoman comic to read which I am excited about and there are a few other plots I am looking into.
When it was revealed that Lois Lane was just a distant memory of Clark Kent and he would be getting it on with Diana Prince that is a step TOO FAR.
Superman and Wonder Woman? Seriously DC? SERIOUSLY?!

Don't get me wrong Wonder Woman is all right. She has a cool history, decent weapons and I like her outfit. But she's arrogant, an extreme feminist, domineering and kind of masculine. Lois Lane is smart, hot and just generallty a hell of a lot cooler!
As a girl who likes comics it's frowned upon that I don't have Wonder Woman in my Top 5. I WANT to like her and everything she stands but something about her bossy attitude irritates the hell out of me! Having said that I do have some of the MAC make up collection, the odd comic and merchandise piece but I'd rather The Man of Steel fell in love with a sassy journalist then some Amazonian Princess

Not cool, DC, not cool!

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