Friday, 31 August 2012

Fashion: August Loves 2012

So it's nearly Autumn, what a pathetic excuse of a summer right? So not amused. It poured with rain on my birthday! 17th August! Ridiculous.
Anyway I am now getting excited about knitwear, leather, berry, fur and boots :D Autumn style.

I've made a collage of all these little (and not so little) things I would love to buy. I am keeping my eyes out for a new coat as although I have a few one of them is very much dying!

Turquoise Knit Jumper- H&M £14.99
Black Knee High Boots-Yves Saint Laurent £735
Black Faux Leather Skater Skirt- Oasis £42
Silver Ring- Argos £10.99
Black Peplum Jacket-Miss Selfridge £45
Party Fever Eyeshadow- Look £7.50
Dog-tooth Heels- ASOS £25
Black and Perspex Shoes- Ebay £25
Loverdose Perfume- Boots £40
Cupcakes and Cashmere Books- Amazon £15
Cat-Eye Sunglasses- Lee Cooper £6.99
Silver Watch- Oasis £42
Red Lipstick- Clarins £14
Camel Fur Trim Coast- Miss Selfridge £85


Life: Belated Birthday Blog

Here's my Birthday blog of things I got to make everyone jealous of my very spoiled self!

Sooooo I hope I don't forget anything :) Such amazing things

Mitch: Catwoman, Huntress graphic novels, Beauty and the Beast film book, Cupcake oven mitt, Disney CD, Gold Raja necklace, Disney on Ice tickets (!!)

Mitch's family: Yves Saint Laurent Cinema perfume & Lost Voice novel by Sarah Porter

Sisters: Katy Perry eyelashes, comic book style stick on nails, cupcake cases, silicon cases for freezer or oven, cupcake stand, lemon meringue sprinkles, Kardashian Kolour nail polish, mini cupcake maker

Hannah: St Tropez tanning kit, Kardashian Kolour nail polish, Film map

Keyla: Disney Princess pillow, Disney poster, Nails Inc sprinkles polish

Work: Disney Princess lunch box, Disney Princess shopper, vanilla candle

Dad: Money for a new laptop

Mum: Heart shaped photo frame, Boost voucher-for my too pricey make up! flowers

I am so lucky and want to thank my family and friends who made me have a fabulous day :D

Life: Monthy Round Up

Soooo HELLO AUGUST. Although not much of a summer was it? Typical UK, I swear you don't have this in the US...
Anyway early on in the week went out for an Indian with Keyla, was YUM. I am usually more of a Chinese kinda gal but it was delicious. We hadn't seen each other for a while so that lots of fun, we then spent hours chatting in her car! LOLZ.
I also had my hair cut :) With Elle again! She is a good one. I had a good few inches off the bottom and she gave me a side sweep I really like it! Yay.
I have been going to the gym lots too, twice a week which I am pretty happy about although as it came towards London trip, my birthday and Keyla's birthday I was kind of slacking....Shall be going this Saturday though :D
Talking of Keyla's birthday, I have NEVER seen soooooo many black dresses, jeez Louise we went through hundreds of pages and that is not an exaggeration. We finally found one we both loved, hers lace, v-neck skater dress from ASOS and mine a body-con and mesh mini from Miss Selfridge.
As you may have seen on previous posts it took me forever to decide what to wear with my LBD, in the end I went for tan/nude peep toes, silver/black make up and silver accessories. I had such a disaster with buying shoes though. I won some on ebay but then just never came!! I have never been conned, I filed a complaint case and ebay refunded me, thank GOD. Nearly lost £40!
At the beginning of the month I trekked down to London to see my dad and my friend Hannah. It was, of course, mayhem as it was the Olympics! Mayhem. I had a fab time though, I handed my CV into lots of shops in Kingston and I heard back from some but they wanted me there and then.
When I went out with Hannah she met the love of her life! HA. Although she wasn't convinced. I always say she is like Naomi from 90210 and he was like Max. It was very funny. We went out in Clapham High Street and it was lots of fun. Good times. I lost my camera though :( And my new one isn't as good.
When I came back I was knackered and only two days at work then it was MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!FABULOUS DAY
Bryz had made me cupcakes and I opened all of my prezzies then I went to an American Diner with Mitch, Nelson and Bryony where I had a coke float and pancake with bananas and syrup. We then had takeaway pizza and watched all of the Bourne films. It was nice to just chill out and eat yummy food as the week before and after were so manic.
So the weekend after was Michaela's much anticipated Little Black Dress Birthday. It was a good night! There were so many of us and I met some new people and Michaela's boyfriend-finally. Had a great time although I had to get a taxi home alone as I couldn't find my friend Harriet-disaster!
In other work and home news, Amber (my sister) left home and moved to Bristol with her boyfriend! Madness. I think that me and my other sister with be heading to London before Christmas.
With work, we've moved places and I'm no longer sat by Harriet :( GAY also my mate Dan is leaving to work at a bank! Madness.
Anyway, September will be a month of sorting, I shall be packing up some thing and getting rid of any clothes and shoes I don't wear anymore. Also me and Keyla are going to Burlesque lessons, Dan is leaving, I'll prob hand in my notice and its AUTUMN!

(L-R: Me and Hannah at Infernos, Cupcakes, me in LBD, card from Bryz, Bourne Ultimatum poster, pink camera, play wristband, coke float, Me and Lyle)


Fashion: Best Dressed August 2012

Wowzers, hasn't August just been a fab month for fashion-please note that no Kardashians are on this list!- we can see darker hues being thrown in as the Autumn months come closer with still some colour. We also have our first male on the list and his outfit matches Bella Thorne's dress brilliantly!

Top 12:
Liv Tyler looked casual and chic in a black, ruffled Givenchy cocktail dress at the screening of Robert and Frank
Kate Beckinsale looked wonderful in a snake like black and green Armani Prive dress at the Hollywood Total Recall premiere
Bella Thorne looked simply stunning in a beautiful blue and green dress designed by Sherri Hill and Brian Atwood heels whilst she attended the Imagen Awards

Sophia Bush was chic yet sexy in a nude Erin (by Erin Fetherston) dress and contrasting black accesories at the Elle/Miss Me party
Kat Dennings looked every inch an old school screen siren in a slinky blue Vivienne Westwood dress at the CW upfront awards
Robert Pattinson smouldered in a blue Gucci suit (as the first EVER male on these lists) at the New York premiere of Cosmopolis

Emmy Rossum in a bright pink Monique Lhuillier Resort 2013 and nude pointed heels on Project Runaway
Carla Gugino was looking hot and summer ready in a bright orange body con dress by Amanda Wakeley at the Foreign Press Association
Kelly Rowland looked wild and sleek in a Victoria Beckham dress matched with red lips and big hair at David Jones launch event

Nicole Richie styling rock chic in a dip hemmed leather skirt from her Winter Kate collection and fitted black top with back detailing paired with a vibrant orange Chanel clutch and Jimmy Choo nude platforms at Sunset Strip Musical Festival
Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins was a bundle of metallic sparkle and a dash of coral colour in a gold sequin mini dress by Sass and Bide at the MYER spring/summer 2013 launch
Lucy Hale look edgy and cute (as always) in a cool Free People leather, skater skirt and floral Topshop top at Henri Bendel Las Vegas store opening

Favourite for this week is Bella Thorne-easily! Who is this girl?! The shape is age perfect, the texture is stunning and the colour matches her auburn hair and skin tone perfectly! Love.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Comics: Superman and Wonder Woman

I must protest!!!
When I first found out that DC were rebooting their comics with 'The New 52' I wasn't too happy, I love the Zatanna collection I'd been avidly following and the stories for  Superman, Batman, Green Arrow, Black Canary etc seemed pretty damn good.
Anyway since the collection came out I have signed up to Justice League Dark and although I am enjoying the issues, there are a fair few things I preferred; Zatanna's costume being one! No more top hat and fishnets?! I have also just been given the Catwoman comic to read which I am excited about and there are a few other plots I am looking into.
When it was revealed that Lois Lane was just a distant memory of Clark Kent and he would be getting it on with Diana Prince that is a step TOO FAR.
Superman and Wonder Woman? Seriously DC? SERIOUSLY?!

Don't get me wrong Wonder Woman is all right. She has a cool history, decent weapons and I like her outfit. But she's arrogant, an extreme feminist, domineering and kind of masculine. Lois Lane is smart, hot and just generallty a hell of a lot cooler!
As a girl who likes comics it's frowned upon that I don't have Wonder Woman in my Top 5. I WANT to like her and everything she stands but something about her bossy attitude irritates the hell out of me! Having said that I do have some of the MAC make up collection, the odd comic and merchandise piece but I'd rather The Man of Steel fell in love with a sassy journalist then some Amazonian Princess

Not cool, DC, not cool!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Fashion:Kardashian Kollection is Koming

So it was announced a couple of days ago that the Kardashian Kollection- currently sold at Sears in America- would be coming over here!! YAY. So excited.
There are so many pieces from their range which I love but cannot buy due to the extortionate posting prices but come this Autumn I will be able to pop into Dorothy Perkins and grab myself some Kardashian Klothes!

I do think that the choice of Dorothy Perkins a is a tad strange I would have gone for Miss Selfridge, River Island or maybe even H&M but exciting nonetheless! My sisters were like "We know what we're getting YOU for Christmas!"
Kim recently posted some photos online from what I would presume is a hosting for the clothing line and it looks AMAZING!!!
They haven't released any of the clothes as of yet and I'm not sure if they'll pluck some pieces from their current trends or start a whole new collection, who knows? One thing for sure is that I know they will be fabulous, judging from the set styling anyway. Everything from the sparkle to the drinks and the labels to the decor is phenomenal and so Kardashian!

It is extremly likely I will post an update on this event as soon as anything is released as I am so damn keen for it!
Anyway best get back top my actual boring life...

Monday, 20 August 2012

Fashion: LBD Stylize

My friends birthday celebrations are fast approaching, mine have officially begun with a trip to London, a night out in Clapham and I am seeing my boyfriend this weekend (update in August) but Michaela has been planning a night out for some time now and as previously advise it has the LBD theme.
We have now both officially found our dresses! My only dilemma now is how do I accessorize, style and beautify the dress? I will most likely be going with either black or nude accessories and the dress is below. I am still throwing around some ideas, but these are the ideas I cannot choose between, as always, some celebrity inspiration

Option 1)  
Classic Glam in the style of  Jennifer Love Hewitt
This is about big styled hair, metallic make up and neutral black and nude accessories

Option 2)  
Rainbow Chic in the style of Katy Perry
Coloured hair extensions, black accessories and pink nails

Option 3) 
Hollywood Vixen in the style of Kim Kardashian
Similar to option 1 with a dash of colour; pink lips, smokey eyes, bright nails and a tan

 Option 4) 
Rebel Kitten in the style of Daisy Lowe
Black nails, red lips and silver accessories with messy straight hair and little to no fake tan

Option 5) 
Comic Starlet in the style of Fergie
Funky nails, calmer hair, glam tan and black make up- all of the focus on the nail art

I literally cannot make a decision!!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Life: Blog 1

I have decided to once a month link you to another blog I either follow, have randomly come across or just like!

This is a new one I have seen and she added me on IFB. Not only is the girl stunning but the layout of the blog, her outfit choices and everything about is fab

Check it out

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fashion: Icon- The Lauren Conrad Post

“Every girl should have a little black dress, a great boyfriend blazer and a pair of skinny jeans.”
Say hello to Lauren Conrad :D
I am now onto icon number 4 and this was both extremely easy and very hard! It was easy to pick Lauren Conrad but hard to find as little as 12 outfits which I love as there are so many.
Not unlike Ashley Tisdale LC tackles the all American girl look with such ease, the difference between Lauren and Ashley is that Lauren always looks sugary sweet-in an amazing way. Sometimes Ashley will look slightly alternative or sex up an outfit whereas being the queen of Chanel handbags, Lauren Conrad, is consistently pretty and chic.
(Strangely though I must add I own her Style book and I really do not like it!)

*A tight blue skirt, leather jacket and Chanel bag out and about October 2011
*Plaid shirt and Yves Saint Laurent Tribute heels in L.A September 2008
*Attending 2nd Annual Autumn party in 2011 wearing a cute cream Aldo Romonelli flapper dress
*In a sugary sweet Lela Rose shift skater dress at Barnes Noble April 2012

*Celebrating The Hills Finale in a sparkly and glam Kanki Mandaley mini dress in 2010
*Making a secret appearance at Heidi's wedding in an azure blue Valentino Red dress April 2009
*At the VH1 Divas Event in a stunning Alice and Olivia black glittery dress where she looked like a superstar
*In a chic nude maxi skirt and blush top from her Paper Crown collection at David Yurman's opening 2012

*Looking cool in leather trousers and Rebecca Minkoff spotted shirt and Toni and Guy event 2011
*Out in Hollywood wearing Miu Miu sandals in October 2011
*Pretty and cute in a tweed like blue mini dress and Christian Louboutins promoting her book LA Candy in 2011
*Rocking a pretty caramel dress and Yves Saint Laurent Hampton Sandals on I Love Reese's Day

Monday, 6 August 2012

Fashion: Online Addict

Over the week or so I have purchased so much stuff off line! I think I am an addict. 
I ordered a cardigan, five dresses, perfume, a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans and a set of heated rollers....I also bought a purple bag by Zandra Rhodes and a new foundation....
I suppose all that saving in July won't be paying off. TBF I will be keeping one of the dresses and returning the others. Plus the shoes, rollers and jeans are ebay bargains!

The dresses are ordered from ASOS are below:
(L-R £10, £20.50)

The other dresses and jeans are by Topshop (L) Boohoo (M) and Miss Selfridge (R)

(L-R £10, £20, £38)

I purchased Photo Ready Revlon foundation in Natural Beige but it's a way too dark shade, even when I have a tan! This means I'll buy a very pale one, for when I'm not tanned, and mix them, genius. I think I will mix it up with GOSH in Porcelain as that is a good match. Revlon was £12.99 and Gosh £7.99

The purple bag by Zandra Rhodes was £12.50 down from £50 and shoes by from River Island £35 instead of £65.

Perfume was £10 and is Eau De Toilette by Paris Hilton and I am not kidding it smells divine! People always say how nice it smells too, then they have to make a snide remark about it being by Miss Hilton...The rollers are by Nicky Clarke and were only £12

I have also being ordering stuff for my friends birthday present which I obviously will not be broad casting as its a suprise!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fashion: Celebrities Love

This is a type of post I have been thinking about creating for a while now, with the amount of time I spend looking and clothes and celebrities I often pick up on pieces which are gradually becoming popular. With this in mind I have decided to, every so often, mark up a piece of clothing or an accessory which has become very popular among the star world.

This first timer was easy!
Christian Louboutin Bis Un Bout Heel
I have had my eye on these shoes for quite some time, I saw Kim Kardashian wearing them-what a surprise I know-and loved them! I have being looking for a copycat style ever since, with little success.

They are designed by the infamous shoe mogul Christian Louboutin which automatically provides you with the guarantee they will be popular among actors, models and musicians alike.
So far I have seen them in yellow, red, black, turquoise and white but I am sure there are many other colours and styles out there just waiting to be spotted.
The shoes are part of the Spring 2012 collection and are made of leather/suede and PVC, they have an almost almon toe like point and either one or two ankle straps, the heel comes in at approximately 4.7 inches.

(L-R Alicia Keys, Kristen Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Brooklyn Decker) 

 (L-R Katy Perry, Beyonce Knowles, LaLa Vasquez, Naya Rivera)

A versatile pump which takes you from day to night the Bis un Bout can add a dash of colour, an alternative edge or a sophisticated look to any outfit.
As you can see above there are so many ways to rock the heel; California pretty like Brooklyn Decker, effortless cool and androgynous like Kristen Stewart or hot red a la Naya Rivera.

Friday, 3 August 2012


Fashion: Turquoise and Gold

This is a little bit of a late fashion update! Woops. 

When I went to Devon I went out for a pretty fancy meal and thought I would create post to show the style I rocked and how you could potentially get it, if you wanted to!
My dress is no longer avaliable but I think I have found a decent replacement and you have to add a belt. Also I have noticed that I seem to wear my denim jacket everywhere, I really didn't think I wore it all that much... I haven't shown links or examples for it as there two other posts with denim jackets on!

(L-R) Dress- Dorothy Perkins £45, clutch- ASOS £12.50, clutch- Bottego Venetta £365, sandals- Debenhams £24, sandals- Manolo Blahnik £363, bangles- Forever21 £4, bangle- Selfridges £145

In case you haven't gathered I like to show high street style and designer style, high street pricing is usually £5-£75 and the designer pieces are around £150 up to £1000 (s!)
Not that you can see my make up but as usual I stuck to my Urban Decay palettes :)