Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Life: Weekly round up

(25th June-1st July)

This week I ordered the yellow shoes, yes yes, the yellow ones. I decided I'd get those ones as a present from Michaela then maybe buy the nude ones myself OR if I don't like the yellow ones swap them for the nude ones. GENIUS!
I also think I have decided on what phone I'm getting, Nokia Lumia :) In pink! Hopefully anyway. I think you can upgrade through phones 4 u as you can't get the Nokia in pink via the O2 website. Upgrade day is 16th July which is a Monday so still have a few weeks. My friend Hannah thinks it'll be 'really cute' as me and my boyfriend would have 'his and hers' phones, too cool.
On Thursday tem Quizzitch were re-uinted for the July Film Quiz and we......................won!! OH YEAH! It was so much harder then  last time too, so that was a nice fiver each plus some serious pride
I also finally tackled making Key Lime Pie on Sunday, well! What an event. The lime mixture is tasty and the meringue is too but the biscuit base....not so much. I used too much butter and not enough digestive biscuits, at least I know for next time though :)
On Saturday I sent off my ebay sold items, I made £20 selling some jeans, playsuit and a dress but spent £7 on posting them!! I think I'll be upping the price of post and packaging on the next lot. I have put some other things on there; a French Connection dress, ASOS dress, silver heels and blue heels so shall see if they go for anything, ebay is over this Friday.
Although I made £20 I had to buy tickets for my trip to Manchester 19th July, I panicked as thought it would cost £50 each (me and my boyfriend) but its £50 for both of us, which isn't too bad. Soooooo excited for the basketball game : D
On a much more depressing note I have spotted so much stuff I want and ASOS have a sale on :'( But I can't buy anything. Actually really gutted. This whole 'not spending money through July' thing is such a bummer.
Seeing as I am not spending money or going out it means a lot more gym time, Supernatural (now on season five) and some more writing. I have officially finished chapter one of my story AND I've given it a name! Only took me five years. It is called Diamond Eyes.  I am really happy with it actually and I thinkk I may post the first chapter on my blog :)
Also I still haven't managed to quite got the whole 'imagery' right on my weekly updates so bare with me....

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