Friday, 27 July 2012

Life: July Round Up

Wowzers so July has now come to an end and this month has flashed by, I was waiting a little for it to be up so I could write this post! But now its nearly August (my birthday month) however when we hit September it mean I have been at my job for TWO YEARS. Which is just too depressing for words. Uuurgh, anyway.
I have decided to post monthly updates as oppose to weekly ones as so much more happens-perhaps a little too much...
So, firstly I ordered the yellow shoes I'd be yapping about and ASOS sent me a size 8 instead of a 5! Disaster, annoyingly I didn't like them that much anyway so just had a refund. I then ordered the ALDO 'Ice' shoes which turned out to be more a stone shade and not the cream, nude or blush colour I was hoping for. I still have them but am currently waiting on ALDO to get back to me so I can return them. They said they would email me within 48 hours which would mean Wednesday, it is now Sunday and I still don't have that blasted email! Bad service much?
On the positive fashion side I sold some more bits and pieces on ebay and managed to make about £30 which I am pretty happy about however PayPal is shit and I couldn't transfer the money- sent it to my boyfriend instead.
In regards to money I had a serious bank scare. One of my bank cards stopped working and it took me over a week to find out what the problem was. I spoke to FOURTEEN people at my bank and rang everyday from Sunday to Friday, they kept telling me the same thing "that someone would call me back." Until I lost my temper....woopsy. But it turns out some body in America had tried to pay their phone bill, book a hotel and use my card to pay for a hair cut!! Can you believe it?! Thankfully my bank realized it wasn't quite kocher and I didn't lose any money, so scary. I have a new card and its all in working order (PayPal are still rubbish though.)
It seems that I have something good happens (sold ebay items and made some money) which is then cancelled out but bad news (paypal slacking and fraud.)
Something which is currently in working order-touch wood- is my laptop, yay! It is a zombie laptop I swear, it just never seems to give up. It'll die a little then come back to life with avengeance.  My sisters friend Darren fixed the keyboard and remarkably the interent now works in my room. This is quite an acheivement! However, it is a little slow...but one step at a time...
July, was of course, the month of no spending and I think I did all right! The shoes are a birthday present from Michaela but I'll be returning them so they don't count anyway. As mentioned on a previous note I bought some essentials; body wash etc. I also had to invest in a pair of flat shoes when I was in Manchester as the pumps I was wearing got absolutely soaked and ruined :( I bought some from Primark for a tenner. I did buy InStyle as it had Kim Kardashian on the front and my boyfriend bought my Cosmopolitan :) But that's it! It has made me realize that I spend so much on food and travel, I can't really change that though.
July was also a busy month socially; I went to Manchester to watch the basketball, Devon for Mitch's grans' 90th, film quiz with team Quizzitch, cinema to see The Dark Knight Rises, meal out with the family, Bjorn Again and Killer Queen local gig and shopping! It was very hectic and this is the first Sunday in the whole month I have sat down and relaxed a little.
My grandma, Aunty Leslie and Uncle Martin came to visit with my dad and his girlfriend (I already posted about this with fashion wise so no need for an update) the food was yum and it was great to see them all. I then headed over to a Local Festival in my town of Ludlow with my dad, his girlfriend, Bryz and her boyfriend Nelson which was...........interesting. I was the only one not drinking and I'm not the biggest Queen fan really, I was also the only one not in a couple! Lol. Everyone else had fun though!
Tell you where I did have fun though at the BASKETBALL GAME! So much fun! It was really packed and I think me and my boyfriend were the only two rooting for America. Hehehehe. It was cool to see all the players; Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant in the actual flesh! So much fun. US really did annihilate GB too! We did have to queue for quite some time and got absolutely soaked which I did not love, but it was all worth :) Whilst we were there we checked out the Disney store and my boyf bought me new mug, eeek! He also bought Skylanders XBox game. 
I also got a new phone!! And a new phone case!! I'm equally excited about both. I chose to Nokia Lumia in the end and a pink crystal case, too cool for school.
On a slightly more negative note, my sister Amber is moving to Bristol in FOUR WEEKS. Myself and Bryony were a little bit blind sided, she is moving away with her boyfriend and has a new job there too. She pays a third of the rent and bills so me and Bryz are having to put our thinking caps on. Update on that when I know more.
I was thankful to have some time away, after Manchester me and my boyfriend went to Devon with his parents for his Gran's 90th (she looks good for ninety!) and I finally met his brother James, after nearly three years! Lolz. We watched The Dark Knight Rises (check out the review) played some XBox and just hung out, won't be seeing him till my birthday now though :(
Of course, myself, Dan and Darren reformed Team Quizzitch for the July film quiz and we won (well joint won) but STILL! :D
So July was quite busy but it means I haven't managed to do much writing nor apply for jobs, which will need to be done if Amber is leaving.....
Anyway August will be bringing forward a flurry of business; my birthday, trip to London, seeing Hannah, Michaela's birthday etc

(L-R The Dark Knight Rises poster, HMV Neon, Me and Bryz at Ludlow Festival, Basketball game, Tom, James and Mitch Lyle, ALDO Heels)

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