Thursday, 5 July 2012

Life: Everything I Want I Cant Have

I thought that everything was going well, although I can't spend money this month my computer keyboard was soon to be fixed, internet was working in my room and everything seemed OK. BAM!! My freaking charger broke!!
So I had to order a new one, bearing in mind this one is recent within the last month!
With this in mind I decided to post an angry one little note!
So its the what the first? Nearly second week in July and there is already a million things I want/want to do but cannot due to money!!

This is my depressing list so far:
  • Watch Katy Perry's Part Of Me film at the cinema (£6)
  • Watch Magic Mike at the cinema (£6)
  • Go to Frankie and Bennys with the work colleagues (£15)
  • Buy Cosmopolitan magazine with the free nail varnish (£3.50)
  • Buy Instyle with Kim Kardashian on the front (£3.50)
  • Buy the safari print top from ASOS that I want-now in the sale (£15)
  • Buy Look magazine with the Jessica Lowndes article in (£2)
  • Buy a new perfume (£25)
  • Go to the pub with my sister (£5)
  • Organise a day out in advance for my birthday (Harry Potter World, Shopping, Trip to London) £50
  • L'Oreal Miss Candy make up (£6)
Thus have not spent £137. Urrgh right now I don't even care I want to spend that money at least to have fun and do something.
If my computer was up and running I might be OK but I'm just plain bored :(

OK depressing rant over

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