Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Film: Catching Fire Casting

For anyone who doesn't know I am very big fan of The Hunger Games
I also happen to love Donnie Darko and Sucker Punch.
Strangely I've never really had much time for Jena Malone. I've seen a few of her films but have always found her a tad boring and mildly irritating and to be quite honest not very attractive.
I love the idea of her as Johanna Mason in Catching Fire. I'm strange, go figure.
I read this article on and have also seen it on some other fansites of the film/book franchise.
Although she's in her twenties she is petite and slim with quite a young, cute face so can probably pass for a late teenager.
Apparently she has been offered the role but nothing is official. I wonder if she'll accept?
I hope she does! No sarcasm I geuinely do!

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