Friday, 6 July 2012

Fashion: Atelier Versace Fall 2012

I love Versace. Easily one of my favourite designers and I have just seen the Atelier Versace collection for Fall 2012. Oh my, its pretty. In fact it is absolutely stunning, I am in LOVE.
The colours, textures and shapes are simply inspiring. It is the colours which vary but the sheer and sleek materials with keep them all in linee
We have an ocean inspired few with stunningly chic blue and turquoise shades with dashes of pearl and silver. Spring style pieces of warm yellows and crisp greens then a mixture of lilac and pink with the slightly more brash gold and bold yellow. They seem to have an almost Grecian or mermaid feel to them, its certainly wondrous and almost magical.
Below are a few of my favourite from the line.

Is it just me or would the third dress be a perfect wedding dress.....? Potentially a tad risque but its Versace! I also said I would never have a strapless or bodice style wedding dress but that white number is WOW.

The more I look at these pieces the more I want to be in one! Just to touch the soft material or be enchanted by the stunning colours and wonderful shapes. 
Versace is truly an icon. How can she still be making such eye-catching and beautiful pieces. I swear the Versace clothes just gets better with every collection released.


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