Sunday, 8 July 2012

Comics: Female Favourites

I am partial to a bit of comic book reading, mainly DC (although I do want to jump on the Black Widow bandwagon.)
This Sunday after having posted on fashion I thought I would release my inner geek and having sorted out my comic books I would introduce you my top three DC dames.

1) Zatanna Zatara
Zatanna has always been my favourite, before she had her own comic series, before she was on Smallville and before she was part of Justice League Dark.
She's hot, she's sarcastic, she's smart and she doesn't take any shit. She's also a complete commitment-phone with trust issues and some severe insecurities but I love her. PLUS she dates John Constantine, girl has taste!
Zatanna is the daughter of world famous magician John Zatara who follows in his footsteps and becomes just as widely known. There is a great deal of background which I won't go into because as with every comic book character you can give everything away with just one word.
She used to wear a top hat and had an awesome costume they've calmed it down a but now and she's all about leather but she is one of the few comic book heroes who doesn't have an alias, she is just Zatanna
Now in the new 52 she is part of the Justice League Dark, they deal with the magical elements that the Justice League can't hack. It's a great comic because it's all the outsiders and anti-heroes making their mark and (trying to) save the world.

2) Huntress AKA Helena Wayne/Helena Bertinelli
I can't remember how I came across Huntress but for starters I love her name and second her costume is purple, two things which already make her cool PLUS she uses a crossbow! I seem to have a love for people with crossbows/a bow and arrow (Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, Katniss from The Hunger Games, Daryl from The Walking Dead, Green Arrow etc)
In some worlds she is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman in other issues she is part of the underground Gotham Mafia world, it depends where you go for origin really. She has a appeared in several comics and most recently (a collection I own) the Huntress mini series around the time of the New 52 reboot. 
Huntress' methods are slightly controversial with people deeming her both 'violet' and 'harsh.' As it happens she will be starring along Power Girl in a new comic series called The Worlds Finest so we shall see if her violet crime-fighting clashes with her allies.

3) Artemis aka Artemis Crock
Now this is a bit of dubious one. I am talking about Artemis from Young Justice TV series so this is a bit of a cheat because she isn't technically in a comic book but she is a TV show based on a comic book. There is also mention of her in certain places but she is yet to play on a main part in any issue that I am aware of.
Much younger then the others in this list Artemis is part of Young Justice, a  group of teenagers (not unlike the Teen Titans) who are in training the be part of the Justice League and also help them out once in a while. She also uses a bow and arrow (told you...) and people believed her to be Green Arrow's protege and niece but that simply isn't the case. I won't be giving away any spoilers here, watch Young Justice if you want to know!
Artemis is boyish, smart and loyal and has sadly had a seriously harsh upbringing and even though she is part of Young Justice has some serious family problems. However luckily for her she ends up dating Kid Flash/Wally West who, although jokey and mocking, clearly dotes on her :)

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