Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Beauty: Dream Matte Mousse Review

Whenever I try a few make up product I think I'll write a review and as you can see from the above score, this is a negative one...sorry Maybelline.
I did recently post about how desperately I want some of their Miss Candy line so maybe that will level out and I won't feel so guilty about this one.
But I just have to express my lack of appreciation for Maybelline foundations. I don't have particularly dry or greasy skin, I have some problem areas such as my forehead and chin which tend to be little more dry and my cheeks a little greasier but I don't suffer from anything too terribly.

As most girls I am still struggling to find that perfect foundation, when I don't tan I am very pale and have always struggled to find a decent matching shade so I thought I would test out some Maybelline products and bought the below two:
  • Dream Matte Mousse (100% Air- soft, matte perfect finish)
  • Dream Creamy (ultra smooth, hydrating make up)
Serious faux-pas.
First let me state that the Dream Creamy foundation definitely is not hydrating and the mousse far from offers a perfect finish. I do seem to be the only person who thinks might I add so maybe my skin really is drier then I believe.

Dream Creamy Foundation

Offering a light coverage Dream Creamy foundation almost seemed like a medium concealer rather then a foundation. I must admit that it was nice to apply and very easy but you would need to cake on a great deal for complete coverage. Also if you are going for a night out you would probably end up using half the tub only to found out an hour or so later you need to apply more!
If I'm honest it is the better out of the two and even though I found the texture smooth I was not a fan of the end result.
  • Not hydrating
  • Is ultra smooth
Dream Matte Mousse
I really do not know why everybody uses this, I am afraid. I didn't like how it felt and I didn't like how it looked either. When I first used it I found it OK but after a while my nose, chin, forehead and cheeks were patchy and flaky. My nose was definitely the worst with dry skin but underneath my eyes and in between my eyebrows was dehydrated. Although relatively smooth its a thick consistency but doesn't offer enough of a perfect finish.
  • Not matte perfect finish
  • Not 100% air soft texture
So there we have it, I was severely disappointed :(


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