Saturday, 14 July 2012

Beauty: Essentials

As you probably are aware July is the month of no spending (£50 to spend on essentials NOT inc food) I'm actually doing really well I reckon :) and have roughly £150 more then I usually do around this time. I am halfway through and its two weeks till pay day!
Anyway today I hopped into town this morning to send back a broken laptop charger, had it for two weeks then BANG! It broke, so hopefully be getting a refund (have already ordered another one- £7)
Whilst I was there I picked up so much needed buys; face wash, cotton pads, shower gel and a nose stud. None of them are really luxuries, if any it would be the face scrub.
So here is a rundown of what was purchased, how much and why its an necessity 

1) Botanics purifying face scrub £2.40
This was £2.40 instead of of £4. My face has really been struggling recently and I read online that to exfoliate it really helps it along, this is to be used 2-3 times a week and I will test it out today. I thought with the £1.60 saving I would test it out.

 2) Boots double faced cotton wool pads £1.90
Really? These need no explanation! I ran out of them mid-week and have been using tissue to clean my face and nails-so not OK.I don't use face wipes as I find they don't remove all of the make up instead I use baby shampoo and Botanics make up remover.
 3) Original Source cranberry and honey daily scrub £1.50
Another no brainer- without shower gel you just smell.... which isn't really the style I am going for. This was also special offer in Boots for just £1.50. I have tested this one before but it smelt divine!
4) Nose Stud £2
I have to wear a nose stud regularly or it closes up, I've had it pierced for a few years so I don't know why it does that but anyway I purchased a nose stud for £2 from a local jewelry store.

I think that this eve I shall write a post on how much money I have actually spent this month and how much I have saved.
So long I am going to make lemon cupcakes!


  1. I would love to know how much you spent this month:P.....waiting for your next post and love to try the cranberry scrub!!! bUt I need to find out whether they sell it in the US:)



    1. Hehe, it smells divine. Your blog is AMAZING, i'm so jealous! xXx