Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fashion: Best Dressed July 2012

I love doing these posts, although it takes a while to find the relevant photo I really enjoy seeing what each month brings us. I'm also going top pick my favourite of each month. So tricky!
Technically its still July and we two more days left until August but I have found my top 12 already, maybe I'll add those two days to August and cheat a little....

Here goes nothing:
*Jennifer Lawrence was summer chic leaving The Ritz Hotel in a red and white Dior dress, nude Miss Dior pumps and Miss Dior bag.
*Lea Michele was a tangerine in this Versace dress at the Atelier Versace show for Fall 2012
*Katy Perry was sexy and slightly controversial in this corseted Versace Crucifix dress at the Part of Me premiere in Los Angeles

*Serena williams looked glam and golden in Burberry and Christian Louboutin heels at the Wimbledon Winners Ball
*Demi Lovato at the X Factor auditions dressed in bright coral dress by Topshop and peep toe Christian Louboutins
*Diane Kruger looked every the Hollywood starlet sophisticated screen siren in a stone coloured Azzedine Alaia gown at the Farwell My queen Screening

*Jennifer Hudson was  looking fierce in a zebra print Roberto Cavalli wrap dress at 39th Annual Boston Pops Fireworks
*Fan Binbing looked super hot in a yellow and seemingly chain-mail inspired Versace dress at the Atelier Versace show 

*Jessica Biel was the name on everybody lips at the ESPY awards, she looked amazing in a white Christion Dior dress and matching platforms

*Fergie looked effortlessly cool in a YSL tee and striped Balmain trousers whilst eating at Mr Chow
*Kim Kardashian was stunning and summery in this lime printed Versace dress at Midori Beachside Bash
*Alessanda Ambrosio looked extremely summery and yummy mummy material in Dolce Vita Archer sandals and Black Orchid black star shorts

I originally wanted to say Kim Kardashian but realize this is far too narrow-minded as I always go on about her.I really do love the print, colour, shape and accessories with this though. She also shows how big-busted women can wear slightly high-necked outfits.

I have, however, decided to go for Alessandra Ambrosio for best dressed. Everything from the bubblegum pink cut offs, cool sandals and beautifully patterned cool shirt works too well for an everyday summer outfit.

    Saturday, 28 July 2012

    Life: Quote 28/7/2012

    "You're gonna have bad boyfriends and best friends-turned-enemies. You need to be yourself, you need to work hard, and you'll get there."
    -Lauren Conrad

    Friday, 27 July 2012

    Life: July Round Up

    Wowzers so July has now come to an end and this month has flashed by, I was waiting a little for it to be up so I could write this post! But now its nearly August (my birthday month) however when we hit September it mean I have been at my job for TWO YEARS. Which is just too depressing for words. Uuurgh, anyway.
    I have decided to post monthly updates as oppose to weekly ones as so much more happens-perhaps a little too much...
    So, firstly I ordered the yellow shoes I'd be yapping about and ASOS sent me a size 8 instead of a 5! Disaster, annoyingly I didn't like them that much anyway so just had a refund. I then ordered the ALDO 'Ice' shoes which turned out to be more a stone shade and not the cream, nude or blush colour I was hoping for. I still have them but am currently waiting on ALDO to get back to me so I can return them. They said they would email me within 48 hours which would mean Wednesday, it is now Sunday and I still don't have that blasted email! Bad service much?
    On the positive fashion side I sold some more bits and pieces on ebay and managed to make about £30 which I am pretty happy about however PayPal is shit and I couldn't transfer the money- sent it to my boyfriend instead.
    In regards to money I had a serious bank scare. One of my bank cards stopped working and it took me over a week to find out what the problem was. I spoke to FOURTEEN people at my bank and rang everyday from Sunday to Friday, they kept telling me the same thing "that someone would call me back." Until I lost my temper....woopsy. But it turns out some body in America had tried to pay their phone bill, book a hotel and use my card to pay for a hair cut!! Can you believe it?! Thankfully my bank realized it wasn't quite kocher and I didn't lose any money, so scary. I have a new card and its all in working order (PayPal are still rubbish though.)
    It seems that I have something good happens (sold ebay items and made some money) which is then cancelled out but bad news (paypal slacking and fraud.)
    Something which is currently in working order-touch wood- is my laptop, yay! It is a zombie laptop I swear, it just never seems to give up. It'll die a little then come back to life with avengeance.  My sisters friend Darren fixed the keyboard and remarkably the interent now works in my room. This is quite an acheivement! However, it is a little slow...but one step at a time...
    July, was of course, the month of no spending and I think I did all right! The shoes are a birthday present from Michaela but I'll be returning them so they don't count anyway. As mentioned on a previous note I bought some essentials; body wash etc. I also had to invest in a pair of flat shoes when I was in Manchester as the pumps I was wearing got absolutely soaked and ruined :( I bought some from Primark for a tenner. I did buy InStyle as it had Kim Kardashian on the front and my boyfriend bought my Cosmopolitan :) But that's it! It has made me realize that I spend so much on food and travel, I can't really change that though.
    July was also a busy month socially; I went to Manchester to watch the basketball, Devon for Mitch's grans' 90th, film quiz with team Quizzitch, cinema to see The Dark Knight Rises, meal out with the family, Bjorn Again and Killer Queen local gig and shopping! It was very hectic and this is the first Sunday in the whole month I have sat down and relaxed a little.
    My grandma, Aunty Leslie and Uncle Martin came to visit with my dad and his girlfriend (I already posted about this with fashion wise so no need for an update) the food was yum and it was great to see them all. I then headed over to a Local Festival in my town of Ludlow with my dad, his girlfriend, Bryz and her boyfriend Nelson which was...........interesting. I was the only one not drinking and I'm not the biggest Queen fan really, I was also the only one not in a couple! Lol. Everyone else had fun though!
    Tell you where I did have fun though at the BASKETBALL GAME! So much fun! It was really packed and I think me and my boyfriend were the only two rooting for America. Hehehehe. It was cool to see all the players; Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant in the actual flesh! So much fun. US really did annihilate GB too! We did have to queue for quite some time and got absolutely soaked which I did not love, but it was all worth :) Whilst we were there we checked out the Disney store and my boyf bought me new mug, eeek! He also bought Skylanders XBox game. 
    I also got a new phone!! And a new phone case!! I'm equally excited about both. I chose to Nokia Lumia in the end and a pink crystal case, too cool for school.
    On a slightly more negative note, my sister Amber is moving to Bristol in FOUR WEEKS. Myself and Bryony were a little bit blind sided, she is moving away with her boyfriend and has a new job there too. She pays a third of the rent and bills so me and Bryz are having to put our thinking caps on. Update on that when I know more.
    I was thankful to have some time away, after Manchester me and my boyfriend went to Devon with his parents for his Gran's 90th (she looks good for ninety!) and I finally met his brother James, after nearly three years! Lolz. We watched The Dark Knight Rises (check out the review) played some XBox and just hung out, won't be seeing him till my birthday now though :(
    Of course, myself, Dan and Darren reformed Team Quizzitch for the July film quiz and we won (well joint won) but STILL! :D
    So July was quite busy but it means I haven't managed to do much writing nor apply for jobs, which will need to be done if Amber is leaving.....
    Anyway August will be bringing forward a flurry of business; my birthday, trip to London, seeing Hannah, Michaela's birthday etc

    (L-R The Dark Knight Rises poster, HMV Neon, Me and Bryz at Ludlow Festival, Basketball game, Tom, James and Mitch Lyle, ALDO Heels)

    Wednesday, 25 July 2012

    Film: The Dark Knight Rises Review

    Directed by: Christoper Nolan
    Starring: Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Tom Hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman, Marion Cotillard

    Eight years on from the death of Harvey Dent, Batman no longer exists and Bruce Wayne is no more than a vague shadow of the billionaire playboy he once was. Gotham has rid itself of crime and is standing tall and proud, that is until menace mercenary Bane hijacks the city and takes the law into his own hands. Wayne decides it’s time to don the black suit and win back the city as he becomes Batman for one last time.
    Boasting a stellar cast the actors are one of the reasons The Dark Knight Rises is so magnificent. When the film was in production Warner Brothers were constantly confirming another name had been added to the billing and this was a little of a worry, were we going to be introduced to a few too many new characters? But it turns out the fresh faces are just as integral to the plot as Batman himself. Anne Hathaway is surprisingly sexy and sly as Selina Kyle, Tom Hardy is ferocious as Bane, Marion Cotillard mysterious and smart and Joseph Gordon Levitt shines in the role of Tom Blake. It is hard to say who steals the screen as Michael Caine and Gary Oldman are also simply superb (as they are in everything) and Christian Bale has Batman/Bruce Wayne down to a T. But, for me, Joseph Gordon Levitt is the most fantastic addition. Determined, brave and honest he plays the good guy willing to help brilliantly and you find yourself urging for him to come out on top.
    Not only has Nolan picked a gifted cast, TDKR is visually stunning. The film is gritty, bleak and at times cold but this conflicts wonderfully with the over protective nature of Wayne’s butler Alfred and support from Batman’s followers. It is these relationships which also bring this film to life, tears will be shed over the heart-wrenching, ultimate conversation between Bruce Wayne and Alfred and you cannot dampen the spirits of Gordon-Levitt's policeman Tom Blake or the ever faithful Commissioner Gordon. These outstanding performances are supported with a sincere script and those much-needed motivational speeches and laugh out loud one liners.
    Although thought-provoking TDKR is not short on action; Bane is a machine, Batman is consistent and Catwoman is as smooth as the animal she is named after.
    As Bane throws Batman around like a puppet, he barely feels the punches from our caped crusader and you cannot help but squirm in your seat as you feel every single hit and blow Bane strikes. As well as being built like The Hulk something must be said for Tom Hardy's voice, admittedly at times it was slightly in audible but not to the extent you missed anything vital. However, for those comic book fans there will be some irritated comments about Bane’s origin and how he should sound but honestly with a film so brilliant these minor discretions can be ignored.
    Smartly, each of the charcaters have a piece of Batman/Bruce Wayne within them. Be it Bane's craving for vengance and heightened rage or Tom Blake's need to protect and serve Nolan has managed to echo our heroes personality through others; an interesting way to show how Batman struggles with his own desires.
    As a DC reader some of the plot twists came as little to no surprise but for those who are relatively new to the world of Batman the unexpected story turns will be a brilliant development.
    The ending, though a little disappointing, is clean and smart. Naturally, it invites contemplation but it completes the trilogy wonderfully and satisfies most of the unanswered questions from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

    There is no doubt about it Christopher Nolan has created one of the most terrific, extraordinary trilogies of all time and has managed to make DC’s Batman into a relatable yet fantastically dark movie franchise.

    Tuesday, 24 July 2012

    Fashion: Teen Choice Awards Best Dressed 2012

    It was the Teen Choice Awards again, I swear this has come by very quickly! It seems just last week it was the TCA of 2011!
    Anyway as this is a teen based event I like to see the stars channel a slighly more youthful look so when we have those like Nikki Reed or Nina Dobrev in relatively chic outfits its a bit of a miss.
    Anyway the outfits below, which I really loved, were bright and summery but also appropriate for the event in mind.
    Top 9, in no particular order:

    *Katerina Graham once again at the top of the list in a sunset coloured mini dress by Mara Hoffman
    *Hayden Panetierre was a purple glittering princess in Zuhair Muhar and matching Brian Atwood pumps (The new Christian Louboutins?)
    *Selena Gomez was delightfully girly in a bubblegum DSquared2 pink mini dress with white strappy heels and straight lock

    *Taylor Swift wore her trademark floaty style dress this time in a soft cream shade and designed by Maria Lucia Hohan
    *Demi Lovato was looking fierce in a yellow and black Falguni and Shane Peacock dress with cross over platforms and a super sleek ponytail
    *Shay Mitchell radiated beauty in a lime yellow dress by Donna Karen and Camilla Skovgaard pumps

    *Lea Michele looking sweet and sparkly in a rose printed Versace bandeau dress and matching shoes
    *JoJo was all kinds of hot in a simple white vest top and sexy sequin Marco Marco skirt paired with nude pumps
    *Lucy Hale clashed wonderfully with the pink carpet in a red-orange Wes Gordon dress and chunky gold platforms


    Monday, 16 July 2012

    Literature: Mermaids

    Whilst I have been writing my story Diamond Eyes I have been doing some research on mermaids and sirens, oooh intrigued? Lol.
    Anyway I've always had this fascination with mermaids and sirens, I think its because there is so much mythology and fantasy linked to them- two things which really intrigue me.
    I also love mermaid films; Splash, Aquamarine, Mermaids and am always open to more suggestions
    Mermaids are beautiful, magical creatures and as I also cannot swim and am really quite terrified of the ocean I think there is something about them which is very brave.
    So with that in mind I decided to do some research and find some mermaid based novels.
    I actually found quite a few and I  cannot believe I haven't come across them before and haven't even thought about reading one before.
    Anyway those which have caught my eyes are below:

    Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
    Galen is the prince of the Syrena, sent to land to find a girl he's heard can communicate with fish. Emma is on vacation at the beach. When she runs into Galen--literally--both teens sense a connection. But it will take several encounters, including a deadly one with a shark, for Galen to be convinced of Emma's gifts.

    Lost Voices by Sarah Porter
    The first book in a new trilogy, "Lost Voices" is a stunning debut--a captivating and original tale about teenage girls from the outskirts of society who are transformed into mermaids.

    Between the Sea and the Sky by Jaclyn Dolamore
    Esmerine, a mermaid, grows close to her childhood playmate Alander, a winged man, when they join forces to find her sister Dosia, who has reportedly eloped with a human despite the sisters' vow to always keep the sea and its people first in their hearts.

    Fathomless by Jackson Pearce
    Celia, who shares mental powers with her triplet sisters, finds competition for a handsome boy with Lo, a sea monster who must persuade a mortal to love her and steal his soul to earn back her humanity.

    The synopsis' are courtesy of The Book Depository which you can check out here and the images are just off Google.

    Anyway the one which I think I would most like to read is Lost Voices. If I'm honest Between the Sea and the Sky and Fathomless sound a bit like Diamond Eyes! Worrying!

    Not if but when I do read one of these books I shall offer a review :)

    Sunday, 15 July 2012

    Life: Disney Tattoo Art

    I wasn't sure what to put this under but figured Life was the best option as it's also inspiration for a new tattoo.
    An American artist called Tim Shumate has created some fantastic art work inspired by pin ups, tattoos and Disney princesses, what a great combination!
    You can go on his website on the link below and also for the link for his facebook page, you have to simply check it out! 
    You can see the Disney princesses below featuring Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine and Tinkerbell and the designs are AMAZING!! I literally love them

    For sometime I have been thinking about having a new tattoo inspired by Beauty and the Beast, for those who don't know I simply love the film; the story, the love, the characters; everything! A few ideas have come and gone and after seeing the above pieces "Till The Last Petal Falls" has really stood out for me. I'm still not 100% sure where to go so haven't yet booked it but will one day soon!

    Anyway you really should check out this guys work!!

    Saturday, 14 July 2012

    Fashion: LBD

    As previously mentioned in an earlier post my best friend is having a Little Black Dress themed birthday party in August.
    A few of us are going shopping in Birmingham at the end of July (28th I think) and I recently posted a few dresses I had seen online at ASOS, Miss Selfridge, Motel etc 
    Now I have been doing some celebrity inspired research (as always) and predictably my go-to celebrity is Kim Kardashian..... I think it's because she isn't stick thin so I can see the image a little bit better then say Keira Knightley.
    But I have also found some others in black dresses and styles I like At the moment I am currently thinking long sleeve or t-shirt sleeve with some detailing but still not 100% sure

    (L-R Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Jessica Lowndes, Audrina Patridge, Lauren Conrad, Lindsay Lohan)

    I know the shoes and bag that I'm wearing; turquoise and gold clutch and I THINK grey/nude platforms with some gold details.

    Beauty: Essentials

    As you probably are aware July is the month of no spending (£50 to spend on essentials NOT inc food) I'm actually doing really well I reckon :) and have roughly £150 more then I usually do around this time. I am halfway through and its two weeks till pay day!
    Anyway today I hopped into town this morning to send back a broken laptop charger, had it for two weeks then BANG! It broke, so hopefully be getting a refund (have already ordered another one- £7)
    Whilst I was there I picked up so much needed buys; face wash, cotton pads, shower gel and a nose stud. None of them are really luxuries, if any it would be the face scrub.
    So here is a rundown of what was purchased, how much and why its an necessity 

    1) Botanics purifying face scrub £2.40
    This was £2.40 instead of of £4. My face has really been struggling recently and I read online that to exfoliate it really helps it along, this is to be used 2-3 times a week and I will test it out today. I thought with the £1.60 saving I would test it out.

     2) Boots double faced cotton wool pads £1.90
    Really? These need no explanation! I ran out of them mid-week and have been using tissue to clean my face and nails-so not OK.I don't use face wipes as I find they don't remove all of the make up instead I use baby shampoo and Botanics make up remover.
     3) Original Source cranberry and honey daily scrub £1.50
    Another no brainer- without shower gel you just smell.... which isn't really the style I am going for. This was also special offer in Boots for just £1.50. I have tested this one before but it smelt divine!
    4) Nose Stud £2
    I have to wear a nose stud regularly or it closes up, I've had it pierced for a few years so I don't know why it does that but anyway I purchased a nose stud for £2 from a local jewelry store.

    I think that this eve I shall write a post on how much money I have actually spent this month and how much I have saved.
    So long I am going to make lemon cupcakes!

    Wednesday, 11 July 2012

    Beauty: Dream Matte Mousse Review

    Whenever I try a few make up product I think I'll write a review and as you can see from the above score, this is a negative one...sorry Maybelline.
    I did recently post about how desperately I want some of their Miss Candy line so maybe that will level out and I won't feel so guilty about this one.
    But I just have to express my lack of appreciation for Maybelline foundations. I don't have particularly dry or greasy skin, I have some problem areas such as my forehead and chin which tend to be little more dry and my cheeks a little greasier but I don't suffer from anything too terribly.

    As most girls I am still struggling to find that perfect foundation, when I don't tan I am very pale and have always struggled to find a decent matching shade so I thought I would test out some Maybelline products and bought the below two:
    • Dream Matte Mousse (100% Air- soft, matte perfect finish)
    • Dream Creamy (ultra smooth, hydrating make up)
    Serious faux-pas.
    First let me state that the Dream Creamy foundation definitely is not hydrating and the mousse far from offers a perfect finish. I do seem to be the only person who thinks might I add so maybe my skin really is drier then I believe.

    Dream Creamy Foundation

    Offering a light coverage Dream Creamy foundation almost seemed like a medium concealer rather then a foundation. I must admit that it was nice to apply and very easy but you would need to cake on a great deal for complete coverage. Also if you are going for a night out you would probably end up using half the tub only to found out an hour or so later you need to apply more!
    If I'm honest it is the better out of the two and even though I found the texture smooth I was not a fan of the end result.
    • Not hydrating
    • Is ultra smooth
    Dream Matte Mousse
    I really do not know why everybody uses this, I am afraid. I didn't like how it felt and I didn't like how it looked either. When I first used it I found it OK but after a while my nose, chin, forehead and cheeks were patchy and flaky. My nose was definitely the worst with dry skin but underneath my eyes and in between my eyebrows was dehydrated. Although relatively smooth its a thick consistency but doesn't offer enough of a perfect finish.
    • Not matte perfect finish
    • Not 100% air soft texture
    So there we have it, I was severely disappointed :(


    Tuesday, 10 July 2012

    Film: Philip as Plutarch

    I actually read this a few days ago and have just been a bit rubbish with the film shiz...
    But better late then never!
    Sooo in case you didn't know and cared Philip Seymour Hoffman will be playing Plutarch Heavensbee in Catching Fire! For any of you who are fans of the book will understand how brilliant this casting is, truly ideal.

    I always saw Plutarch as a rather plump man who is a bit of a bumbling idiot but likeable too! He can be a bit of a coward but generally means well and is a very important character in the novels. It'll be interesting to see what PSH does with the role.
    I cannot wait to found out who will play Finnick Odair and Johanna Mason they're my main concerns, if it was up to me I think I would go with either Alex Pettyfer or Garret Hedlund for Finnick then Jena Malone for Johanna. Since I heard she was in talks I can't get the idea out of my brain.
    Hopefully we'll find out soon!


    Monday, 9 July 2012

    Celebrity: Charity

    My boyfriend showed me this article recently and I came across the coolest photo which shows just how awesome some celebrity's are. I've been meaning to give it a mention for a while now.
    For those of you who don't know Ron Perlman (legend) plays the character Hellboy in the films, which are of course based on the graphic novel of the same title. Perlman heard about a little boy with a big dream and decided to show some love, along with the Make A Wish foundation Perlman donned the infamous alter ego and made a dream come true. 
    The actor spent four hours in make up to become the action and comic book star for a trip down to the hospital to visit a six year old boy called Zachary who is currently undergoing treatment for leukemia.
    Zachary's ultimate dream it is to meet Hellboy and also somehow become him, not only did Ron Perlman rock up so did a make up crew to transform Zachary into his hero.

    Amen for there being some seriously cool people in the world who helped make this happen and also to the kid who chose Hellboy as his favourite! HA. What an awesome little boy Zachary must be. Spiderman? Pffft what a loser, give me HELLBOY!

    Fashion: Saturday Lunch

    This weekend some of my family came up to visit (I officially have the biggest family in the world, one day I might reel of a list of them)
    I thought I would do a fashion post on my general attire from the Saturday. We went for a meal at a local pub called The Unicorn, amaze no? I had vegetarian sausages and bubble and squeak in case you wondered- will officially update you in my July Roundup.
    Anyway, I thought I would show you what I wore and how to possibly get the style if you fancied it :)


    I wore high-waisted black mini skirt from H&M, a marl blue tank top from Primark, Faux leather grey jacket from H&M paired with nude pumps from Primark and black quilted bag from Ebay! Such a cheap outfit, I belive I am correct in saying ti would cost £50 ish including the bag and shoes :)
    Jewelry wise I wore a pair of silver butterfly earrings, my white gold Chanel necklace from my dad, white gold bangle from my dad's girlfriend, Pandora bracelet from my boyfriend and white gold ring from my dad. All of my jewelry is really important to me. The necklace and bangle were for my 18th and the ring for my 21st, my bracelet was for Christmas from the boyfriend :D
    Below I have showed you how to get the look on the high street and designer.

    (L-R) Tank top- Superdry £19.99, Tank top- Reiss £51,Jacket- River Island £55, Jacket- NSF £529, Skirt- Miss Selfridge £12, Skirt- Neil Barrett £267, Bag- Marc B £39, Bag- Vintage Chanel £2,150, Flats- Dorothy Perkins £23, Flats- Kurt Geiger £95



    Celebrity: Penelope Scotland Disick

    Kourtney Kardasian had her baby :D
    We all knew it was going to be a baby girl but she has officially named the little one Penelope Scotland Disick. As a Kardashian fan I will probably be deemed as biased  but I quite like it! It'll be interesting to see where Scotland came from as it's a rather strange middle name but Penelope is cute (plus I love the film Penelope....)
    She was born 8th July in Los Angeles (obv) and weighed 7pounds and 14 ounces and I am sure she will be cute.
    Penelope will of course be the younger sister of Mason Dash Disick (such a cool name) and I love that she will have a big bro to look after her.
    Kourtney has spoken to E! News and offered the following statment:

    "Scott and I are overjoyed to welcome our precious angel Penelope Scotland Disick into our lives. We are forever blessed. Mommy and baby are resting comfortably."

    I cannot even imagine how fashionable this kid will be, Mason has his own collection of bowties, she'll probably own a pair of Jimmy Choos before I do!

    Anyway very happy for the whole family and some serious respect to Kourtney for having the strength and patience to carry around another baby for nine months then give birth!
    Wish them all the luck in the world....they're going to need it

    Sunday, 8 July 2012

    Comics: Female Favourites

    I am partial to a bit of comic book reading, mainly DC (although I do want to jump on the Black Widow bandwagon.)
    This Sunday after having posted on fashion I thought I would release my inner geek and having sorted out my comic books I would introduce you my top three DC dames.

    1) Zatanna Zatara
    Zatanna has always been my favourite, before she had her own comic series, before she was on Smallville and before she was part of Justice League Dark.
    She's hot, she's sarcastic, she's smart and she doesn't take any shit. She's also a complete commitment-phone with trust issues and some severe insecurities but I love her. PLUS she dates John Constantine, girl has taste!
    Zatanna is the daughter of world famous magician John Zatara who follows in his footsteps and becomes just as widely known. There is a great deal of background which I won't go into because as with every comic book character you can give everything away with just one word.
    She used to wear a top hat and had an awesome costume they've calmed it down a but now and she's all about leather but she is one of the few comic book heroes who doesn't have an alias, she is just Zatanna
    Now in the new 52 she is part of the Justice League Dark, they deal with the magical elements that the Justice League can't hack. It's a great comic because it's all the outsiders and anti-heroes making their mark and (trying to) save the world.

    2) Huntress AKA Helena Wayne/Helena Bertinelli
    I can't remember how I came across Huntress but for starters I love her name and second her costume is purple, two things which already make her cool PLUS she uses a crossbow! I seem to have a love for people with crossbows/a bow and arrow (Legolas from The Lord of the Rings, Katniss from The Hunger Games, Daryl from The Walking Dead, Green Arrow etc)
    In some worlds she is the daughter of Batman and Catwoman in other issues she is part of the underground Gotham Mafia world, it depends where you go for origin really. She has a appeared in several comics and most recently (a collection I own) the Huntress mini series around the time of the New 52 reboot. 
    Huntress' methods are slightly controversial with people deeming her both 'violet' and 'harsh.' As it happens she will be starring along Power Girl in a new comic series called The Worlds Finest so we shall see if her violet crime-fighting clashes with her allies.

    3) Artemis aka Artemis Crock
    Now this is a bit of dubious one. I am talking about Artemis from Young Justice TV series so this is a bit of a cheat because she isn't technically in a comic book but she is a TV show based on a comic book. There is also mention of her in certain places but she is yet to play on a main part in any issue that I am aware of.
    Much younger then the others in this list Artemis is part of Young Justice, a  group of teenagers (not unlike the Teen Titans) who are in training the be part of the Justice League and also help them out once in a while. She also uses a bow and arrow (told you...) and people believed her to be Green Arrow's protege and niece but that simply isn't the case. I won't be giving away any spoilers here, watch Young Justice if you want to know!
    Artemis is boyish, smart and loyal and has sadly had a seriously harsh upbringing and even though she is part of Young Justice has some serious family problems. However luckily for her she ends up dating Kid Flash/Wally West who, although jokey and mocking, clearly dotes on her :)

    Fashion: Cigarettes and Stilettos

    I recently purchased the August issue of InStyle with Kim Kardashian, its OK I'll take it off of my budget, and inside they have an article about certain shoes with certain trousers/skirts. Its like the Fall guide to bottom half styling.
    The combinations that they offer are as follows:
    1. Cigarette pants and stilettos
    2. Wide leg trousers and pointy flats
    3. 7/8th trousers and textured shoes
    4. Pencil skirts and ankle boots
    5. Mini skirts and the anti-heel
    6. A line skirts and block heels
    I do like the article, they offered some ideas for you and I decided to put in order those which I would try and those which I wouldn't even tackle, unless it was for comedy value. Plus some research and examples of how to capture three of the styles.
    So in my order of favourites it would be as follows:
    1. Cigarette pants and stilettos 
    2. 7/8th trousers and textured shoes
    3. Wide leg trousers and pointy flats
    4. Mini skirts and anti-heels
    5. Pencil skirts and ankle boots 
    If I am honest I cannot EVER think of a time I would wear a pencil skirt with a pair of ankle boots (heeled or flat.) It is such a tricky style to pull off.
    I like pencil skirts and I have a Miss Sixty white one which I sometimes wear to work with black tights, black ballet pumps and a navy blue tee but if I paired it with a pair of ankle boots it would have a completely different (and chaotic) look.
    I am 5ft4 and a size 10-12, not fat nor skinny, and it's nice to wear a pencil skirt which offers that sleek shaping of your hips but it looks best with heels or flats and tights-of the same colour, anything else and you are left with short, stumpy legs. So not a good look.

    Cigarette Pants and Stilettos
    As for my first choice this was pretty easy. I love stilettos anyway and although I don't own any I also like cigarette pants. They are almost a chic but more relaxed version of the skinny trouser plus they cut off around the ankle and I actually quite like my ankles :) It's a style which looks fab with an ankle strap too which I never really do.

    (L-R) White pants- Wallis £29.50, Black trousers- Balenciaga £462, Blue pants- Reiss £95, Tan heels- Kurt Geiger £95, Pink heels- ASOS £40, Black heels- Carvela £130 

    7/8 Trousers and Textured Shoes
    This is a little similar to the above but instead of going for detail on the strap and drawing attention to the ankle this is about the fabric of the shoe. Think snakeskin, suede and embellishment. Paired with a plain shirt and blazer its safe for work or match with slinky top and cute clutch for cocktails at the bar.

    (L-R) Grey trousers- Phase Eight £29.50, Mint jeans- Topshop £40,  Black trousers- Alexander McQueen £650, Lilac shoes- Malene Birger £374, Green shoes- Faith £65, Black heels- Jimmy Choo £355

    A-Line Skirts and Block Heels
    I decided to skip past wide leg trousers and pointy flats as I didn't want to do just trousers! I choose this above mini skirt and anti-heel as I think it would my silhouette more. It's very Mad Men and I can see people such as Eva Mendes and Diane Kruger working this look, 

    (L-R) Blue skirt- Preen £210, Black pattern skirt-Valentino £294, Purple skirt- Dorothy Perkins £28, Tan shoes- Betty Jackson Black £55, Coral shoes- Debenhams £30, Metallic shoes- Marc Jacobs £168

    Below we can see Fearne Cotton, Molly Simms and Olivia Palermo channeling the up and coming styles. Extra points to Olivia Palermo for wearing the classic Manolo Blahnik everyone wants!

    (L-R) Fearne Cotton in stone 7/8ths and textured orange sandals, Molly Sims in a yellow aline skirt and metallic block heels, Olivia Palermo in pattern pants and blue stilettos

    Saturday, 7 July 2012

    Beauty: Disney and Sephora

    I think maybe Sephora should hire me...
    They have recently announced that they will be releasing a beauty line inspired by none other than the Disney princesses!!! I said this last week, I am a prophet of cosmetics, it is now a fact.

    The line will include nail products, make up and perfume and will be released in October
    So we have MAC releasing the villains range, Harrods offering us some Disney art for Christmas time and after Christian Louboutin designed those Cinderella slippers the world is going Disney craz-ay!
    I just know that it's going to be brilliant, Sephora are a very popular and successful beauty capital although irritatingly its a little tricky to find their ranges in the UK so will have to do some importing from the US.