Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Life:Weekly Round Up

I can't remember where I left off last time....
This week at work was OK knowing that the week after was only three days was nice, thanks Queenie for whatever it was you were doing which meant bank holidays for all.
I went to the gym on my lonesome as my sister has been working lates :( I went for a an hour on Tuesday which was nice and refreshing, I'm so glad I did go.
I went to the cinema on Wednesday with Michaela to watch Snow White and The Huntsman (see film post.)
I am on season three of Supernatural now!!! Nearly finished Desperate Housewives too, on episode nine of the last series I believe. It's all very exciting!
My friend from work Dan showed me a clock with Jared Padalecki's face on it! Ha, I am a fan but who would buy that??! Crazy.
The weather was so insanely unpredictable, as always in England, was really sunny one day they pissed down with rain the next! My friend Harriet gave me a lift home (1.5 miles) from work so I didn't have to walk in the disastrous monsoon-thank God.
My boyfriend came over on Friday and stayed till Tuesday morning, he was supposed to leave Wednesday but he had a job interview and he really needs a job so I let him off.
We watched Prometheus, John Carter of Mars and Safe House, we also caught up on Young Justice (yes we are geeks) and Magic City which was good.
Again check out film post for reviews of those three, I would say that Prometheus was the best film I watched this week and Safe House was easily the worst.
I didn't celebrate the Queen's Jubilee to be honest, neither myself or my boyfriend are particularly patriotic, in fact when he turned up he had a Cincanetti Reds baseball tee for me from America :D
There were some fireworks on Monday though and I LOVE LOVE fireworks so I took sneaky pictures from my house.
We went shopping before the cinema on Saturday and I spotted a tropical print dress I liked in H and M, refrained from buying. I was going to buy a How to....on novel writing but decided against it. I did buy new underwear and accessories for my outfit for the Summer wedding HOWEVER the wedding has been cancelled!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. So much time and money has been spent on this and it was supposed to be going ahead in three weeks (29th June) but its over now, which is a shame but I suppose for the best; Love isn't a maybe thing, you know when you love someone.
Myself and my boyfriend had a discussion about writing and he has set me a task to have 25 pages written by the end of June! Pressure much? My sister from London rang to say that her boyfriend is sending my CV off to some film companies (would be amazing) and also he is friend's with a professional photographer and agent if I wanted to do underwear modelling! I swear they think I'm something I'm not, he just says "Look, do you want to be Kim Kardashian or not?" LOLZ.
This week will involve; Chinese, more Supernatural, sleeping, writing and holidays searching :)

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