Monday, 25 June 2012

Life:Weekly Round up

This week I went to the gym a few days during the week with my sister and Alex or on my own, the cross trainer is a killer!
I also watched some football and England got kicked out on Sunday DAMMIT. That's all of mine and Donna's teams now :( So we won't be making any money, no good comes from gambling I tell you!
Cannot believe that we missed on penalties, well I can't but its still infuriating.  
Anyway, on the same day I watched the fantastic documentary on Elizabeth Taylor and her dazzling jewelry collection. It's called Elizabeth Taylor: An Auction of a Lifetime, it was brilliant and interesting, she was such a fantastic style icon.
Concerning fashion, I've starting selling some things out ebay a floral playsuit, leopard print skater dress and grey skinny jeans. They are all in really good condition and barely worn -depressingly the jeans are way too small any more :( - I don't think I'll be getting much money for them but every little helps. I also sent off my CD's to Music Magpie so should receive £10 soon, which will be nice if a little lame.
My friend Michaela also said she may buy me some yellow heels I want from ALDO for my birthday, eek!
I found a job I really want, its a at a theatre and relatively local called The Courtyard, I know I would love the role!! But probably won't get it dammit, I sent off the application today so we'll see.
I must share with you a serious awesome youtube channel I found. I'm not much of a youtube addict, I watched some interviews and trailers and stuff but that's it really. HOWEVER I came across the most fantastic make up tutorials by a young American women called Promise Tamang Phan and mAn you have to check her out, she is AMAZING!!
See below for her make up transformations:

You just check out what she looks like make up less (absolutely gorgeous but very different)

In other news, my boyfriend booked the hotel for when we go to Manchester, it's called the Mercure, i made him do it as I always have to organise everything! He panicked a little but I think he made the perfect choice, so very excited about that!
As I said before July and August will be reallllllly busy for me. My dad is visiting the weekend of the 7th where we going for a meal and watching an Abba tribute band (don't ask my sister roped me into it) then I'm going to Manchester to watch the USA vs GB basketball then off to Devon for a meal with Mitch's family as its his Gran's 90th (she looks amaze) AND THEN I'm going birthday shopping with Michaela in Birmingham. SO MUCH EXCITEMENT.
Anyway this week will be gym, job searching and also another film quiz. Ooooohh :)