Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Life: Weekly Round Up

So this week, let me see.
I didn't do too much, joined the gym and Michaela hinted at doing some burlesque so we might check that out.
I have now joined IFB - Independent Fashion Bloggers and I may also join Tumblr, I haven't decided yet. I'm really excited and have had some really friendly messages from people :) It's a great way to get involved in the blogging world.
I have also made the decision to NOT purchase anything unnecessary throughout July, myself and my two friends Harriet and Shelley will not be buying make up, clothes, DVDs or going out for meals or to the cinema throughout July. Unless of course its a treat from someone else! Therefore hopefully my bank balance won't be dangerously in the minus department....
I'm also shipping of all my CD's and some DVD's on music magpie although I barely reach a tenner with 20 CD's. I'm also going to sell some clothes and maybe shoes on ebay too, REALLY NEED MONEY!
Talking of, back on the serious job applying mantra but still no luck for me :(
On a cuter note I'm thinking of getting myself a cute little tabby, I love CATS, so much and my sisters friend has some kittens but I just don't know if I should or not. My house is by a busy road and a few car parks so its quite dangerous, I also don't know what I would do if it was injured as I don't make much money. I'm anxious too that if I moved it wouldn't cope very well :( On the plus I would love it so much and it would keep me company :D If it was a boy I'd call it Winchester (after the Supernatural boys) and if it was a girl either Kimmy or Kardashian- you don't even need to ask....
In other news, I had some serious drama on Friday night. 
Firstly I spoke to my friend Hannah for about two/three hours and she sounded a bit glum :( She's just moved to York for work-she used to live in London- and she's finding it a bit hard but I know she'll be OK soon. Its always hard moving somewhere when you know no one there but she makes friends easy. I really need to see her soon, my birthday probably. We planned to see each other in August and for Halloween (yes we are that organised.)
After my lovely phone call I was enjoying the football and we'd just won the match when I was making some green tea and I spilled the BOILING WATER all over my leg. Jeez Louise it was so painful. I cannot even explain. I had to ring my sister who ran home (drunk-too funny) and really helped. Ambulance around and everything! I'm OK its healed really well now and only a few blisters here and there. My sister wanted to be sure though and the paramedic was really nice.
After that drama my boyfriend traveled up from Devon to check on me! Silly and a bit of a drama queen but I'm glad he visited, we ate cherry pie and watched some films :)
Michaela's little bro is out of hospital too, YAY! Such good news. However cheeky miss has used up some of her holidays so we think we'll go for four days instead of a week as she doesn't have much time left.
Cannot wait for a holiday as the weather in England has been so shit, me and Bryony got absolutely drenched walking home one day, soaked to the bone. Was kinda funny! But weather certainly does put a damper on things.
Well although July will mean not spending money I have the basketball game to look forward to, my dad is coming to visit, a trip to Devon to see Mitch and will be planning my spa date with Hannah which will happen. 
August will follow pursuit with actually seeing Hannah and having the spa trip, my birthday, Michaela's birthday and holiday booking. Roll on Summer!!


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