Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Life: Weekly Round Up

A little late as its now mid week! But better late then never.
Last week was  three day week but it still really dragged at work :(
I am actually struggling to rememeber what I did!
I went to the gym a few times, yay me, so glad I've kept that up shame I can't actually see any difference yet!
My new vanity make up box arrived and its so much bigger then I thought it would be, which turns out to be agood thing as all my stuff only just fits. I've also stored some of hair products in there but that does make it a little heavy.
I saw my mum, little sister and some of my mums friends on Saturday. I went to the pub with my older sister (Bryony) and some of her mates (Alex, Steph and Antonio) to see Bryony's boyfriend (Nelson) play in his first gig, they are a folky two man band with just guitars and voices. It was fun. But I was SO COLD when it got a bit later.
I wore new black trousers from H and M, purple v-neck, lilac peep toe heels with my denim jacket and new turquoise clutch.
My little sister said to me on Saturday "You look like Kim Kardashain in that outfit....."
We also saw a hot air balloon which was cool and I drank some Pimms- summery and yummy
See below how to get the look:

(L-R) Black trousers-H &M, £14.99, Turquoise clutch- ASOS, £14, Purple heels-Nine West, £95, Denim jacket- River Island, £35,

I wish I'd taken a photo of my eye make up :(  It was gold, purple and turquoise.
My best friend Michaela gave me back my favourite purple eyeliner she'd kept for ever, like years! Ha. We went for an all you can eat Chinese and it was super yum but we barely managed two helpings...
I'm also nearing the end of Superntaural Season 3 and also Desperate Housewives completely, this will be sad, its really starting to heat up though! Also in more TV news the new series of Pretty Little Liars started which was also exciting, yes I am a loser., it slightly feels the void where Once Upon A Time used to be......
I had some nail polish fun too on Sunday, I painted all my nails in Nails Inc pink they left one nail plain and coated it with Kimpletely in Love by Kardashian Kolours (OPI) and topped it up with Teenage Dream by Katy Perry (OPI) I loved the result :)
As you can see below I'm playing around with how I'm showing off the photos, I have Picasa and they've recently added some coo, random image processing. 

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