Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Fashion: Princess of Harrods

Fashion and Disney!!

OK so two of my favourite things combined AGAIN, I love that the fashion (and art, media, literature...) worlds keep doing this.
Previously we had the Disney princess inspired VOGUE covers which were literally the coolest effing things I've ever set my eyes on.

Then we had the fairy tale and fashion inspired books  which were simply faboosh, such an ace idea

AND now this Christmas up market London store Harrods will be showcasing some fantastical art in the form of Disney princesses designed by some of the best fashion designers!!! The artwork will be in vie for all to see in the shop windows.
See below for a sneak peak of my favourite (Belle of Beauty and the Beast) envisioned by Valentino. 

I wish I was such a freaking genius
Apparently from what I hear characters including Jasmine, Belle and Snow White will have an entire floor dedicated to them! And who, I hear you ask, are the designers involved? Jasmine and Versace? Belle and Valentino? Phenomenal. Others include Elie Saab and Oscar De La Renta so it truly is the best of the best.
It's as if Disney princesses are super models! I love it. Also there may even be some special sales going on involving princess inspired pieces
I cannot wait and I know EXACTLY what I will be checking out come December :D
A perfect day of watching new The Great Gatsby film, shopping in Harrods and having a super special Christmas mint hot chocolate from Costa, perfection!

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