Friday, 8 June 2012

Fashion: Cravings

These past few months I have seen so much stuff I really would like, some of it is designer, some of it is high street.
So whats a better way then to create a mood board of those summer beauties I wish for?
My boyfriend and I had the discussion that I live a lifestyle as if I'm a millionaire, I spend too much much money on accessories and beauty products but not that much on clothes. I buy Benefit, MAC and OPI rather than slightly cheaper brands such as Rimmel, 17 or Barry M but I really am a big make up fan so that would be changing any time soon

Things I CANT afford (Left)
Leopard print silk shirt as seen on Renee in Desperate Housewives by Yves Saint Laurent £634
Mesh cut heels by Jimmy Choo £450
Sunset/Sea clutch bag by Jimmy Choo £485
Princess perfume by Vera Wang £60
Studio Sculpt foundation by MAC £23

Things I COULD afford...maybe... (Right)
Black skinny jeans by ANYONE!! £20-50
Yellow point court shoes by ASOS £45
Pansy nail varnish by Jessica £9.75
Beauty lies within bangle by Disney Couture £23

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