Friday, 4 May 2012

Life: Weekly Roundup

This week has been MAYHEM! Why does that always happen? Last week nothing seems to happen and then these past ten days were so chaotic.
It was my boyfriends birthday on 30th April and so I headed over to Wales Friday evening, I had bit of a tricky choice to make as it was my friend Gemma's last day at work and everyone was going out and getting their drinks on BUT it was boyf's birthday! Anyway Gemma's planned another night out on 19th May so I'm happy :D
I arrived in Wales at sevenish and it was GREY! LOL. I feel so sorry for my boyfriend and his parents because Cwmbran really is quite bleak and kind of depressing! Especially seeing as they used to live in Cincinnati, USA!. What a change. 

We stayed in and watched Chronicle Friday night then headed over to Cardiff on Saturday where we did some shopping, bought M and M pretzels and tried Twinkies- YUMMM!! I bought: 
  • A leopard print swing dress but I'm not sure of it so I may take it back,from Primark.- £10
  • I also bought a pale pink lose fitting tank with a slight Aztec print from New Look - £3, 
  • Pink head phones to match my iPod - £10
  • Tanning mitt and Nutrisse hair dye I might text- £3 and £5
  • and the Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman film Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- £3
It absolutely tipped down all weekend! So gutted but we went to see Avengers Assemble and it was brilliant :) Potential review there-I actually think I might watch at the cinema again, possibly with my sister if she's keen. We also missioned over to Newport for a bit on Sunday, didn't buy much, we had some scrummy macaroni, tomato and cheese dish on Lyle's birthday and he had some Batman cake courtesy of moi! As I'm rubbish I am yet to give him his presents but he'll get them next weekend.

I had a really good weekend however I received some sad news from my best friend, Michaela, on Saturday her little brother Olly was in a car crash :( Too tragic. He broken his arm, splintered his legs, punctured his lung and damaged his heart. Truly being praying for him, he's only a teenager. She's kept me updated and although there was some problems previously as he had trouble breathing he's awake now! Such a relief to hear, thank you God.

I arrived home from Wales on Monday at around midnight and had work the next time THEN was off to London on Tuesday evening after work! It was such a tedious journey (changing at Newport and Reading) I arrived in Staines at around eleven and my dad picked me up.
The reason I was in London was because I had an interview with Paramount Pictures!!! It was amazing, such a brilliant experience and the two women (Simone and Mariella) were just so lovely. I really want it but I know I lack experience :'(
It was like something out of a movie-no irony-stunning glass building with style and chic, movie posters and film clips, just stunning.
I then went for lunch in Zizi's with my dad which was fun, before heading back home and getting in for around seven AND back to work for Thursday!

When I got home I had my order from ASOS: 
  • Black Mango Skinny Jeans £22.99
  • Kim-Pletely in love Kardashian Kolour (a pale pink with shimmer) £9.
The jeans were too loose around my legs and barely covered my ass! Just awful fitting, my quest for the perfect pair of black skinny continues. If I keep failing to find some I must just do a post on it.

 So, all in all a pretty hectic week!

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