Saturday, 26 May 2012

Weekly Round Up

Wowzers. This week I was sick. "Boo, you whore!" Just had a bad throat, cold, cough and an ear infection so work was a massive drain and I didn't go to the gym at all which was annoying.
I have, however, been watching lots of Supernatural and I love it! Its been a week and I'm nearly done with the first series, I love knowing that I have up to series 7 to watch; exciting.
So from Monday to Friday I watched TV and slept. In the hope that by Friday (party night) I would be happy to get my hair done, go shopping and go out clubbing with the crew! 
I had a phone call midweek from Burberry asking me to discuss going for an interview, I rang them back and left a voice mail but they didn't get back to me :( I shall call them again on Monday to chase it up.
At my current job the team I work in (Correspondence FYI) have decided that we're going to take part in a little betting during the Euros. There is ten of us in the team, we paired up, I'm with my friend Donna-who BTW is the spitting image of Rachel Bilson, its uncanny-and we each picked three teams out of a cup at random( divided into three groups; good, average and bad) We ended up with England, Ukraine and Russia!! HA. So we might not win.
In light of myself feeling shit I headed to the doctors who pretty much said they could help but they won't! I'm all good now-bit of vodka and I'm all cured. 
I'm also in the middle of reading a new book called Left Behind which my boyfriend's mum recommended to me after she found out I loved The Hunger Games. Its an interesting take on the Second Coming, its good although sad :(
Although I didn't do much during the week because I was will I was still tired by Friday but finished work at twelve, went to the hairdressers, then shopping then clubbing anyway...You only live once.
Whilst shopping I spent far too much money in such a short space of time-post later. 
Also I went to the hairdressers and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hair. Elle, my hairdresser, is fabulous! I saw her out in Hereford as well! She had work the next day too, funny. You can definitely tell the difference, she added some golden highlights into it.
I had such a good night with people from work and one of my sisters (Bryz) as she works at the same place, it was a good night, although I wasn't ready on time and rushing so forgot my fake eyelashes. Good night anyway though :D
I didn't feel it today either which is awesome considering the copious amount of shots that went on between us all! 
So throughout the week I didn't do much by Friday offered so much more enjoyment. 
Next week its the Jubilee and I'm seeing the boyfriend :)

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