Saturday, 19 May 2012

Weekly Round Up

I saw my boyfriend and we watched This Means War and Man on a Ledge (check out film post for quick marks and review) we also watched numerous episodes of Magic City (uber chic fashion) and I made onion soup :) Was yummy. 
I've been to the gym three times a week so far, I also saw my best friend Michaela-we ate pasta bake and ginger beer and chatted for hours. On Thursday I went to a local film quiz with one of my sisters (Bryony) and two of our mates from work (Darren and Dan) I hadn't really met Dan before but Bryz has been friends with Darren since I was, like, ten so know him pretty well.
It was so much fun and we came second! Lost by half a point!! So gutted, but we're going to do it every month and may make t-shirts.....Our name was Team Quizzitch, one day we shall win. Because we came second though we had a free round of drinks; cherry beer and cocktails for us.
Work was too boring for words, so we'll skip past that, I have been tired and busy this week with seeing the boyfriend, spending time with Michaela, gym, work and the quiz that this weekend I'm just chilling out-on my lonesome.
I'm going out next weekend though with my sister and lots of people from work which should be fun, me and my friend Donna have been trying to organize a mini bus but its a disaster area! Hopefully will go to plan but I hate not knowing what I'm doing. Its a week away but I've already started to try outfits on to decide what to wear. Yep I'm that fussed about organisation.
I've also booked off half day next Friday so I can get my hair did ;) coloured not cut I went in for a consultation today, either bleach bath or highlight according to my hairdresser Elle- excited!
I might go shopping, I wanted to try new Katy Perry lashes and buy some heated hair rollers. I think I've found a dress for the summer wedding I'm going too and in search for the perfect accessories.
Hair colour and styles I'm aiming for:

It was the last episode of Once Upon A Time this week and WOWZERS, I've managed to hook my sisters (Amber and Bryz) and Hannah on it too, YAY! I can't wait for it be back on. 
I also just finished watching Beauty and the Beast, I always say I'm not a romantic but its my favourite film of all time and a prime example of 'love conquers all.' DAMMIT
I also found these really cool images of the Disney chicks, people always seem to put a really interesting twist on the characters. I found them online and apparently they are on deviantart and are designed by Steevinlove

I've been looking into have a Beauty and the Beast style tattoo but at this rate I'll be covered!. Not my plan, I don't think I can really pull off a sleeve nor would I want to really. I'll be having a hard think. 
Anyway, time for some rest (plus some serious job hunting)  

AND finally-most importantly I am so happy to say my best friends brother is awake and talking after his car crash. He can't move and will be in hospital for some time yet but the main thing is he's well enough to wanna get out!


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