Thursday, 3 May 2012

Literature: Dollhouse Review

Kardashian Sisters
Created by the famous Kardashian sisters 'Dollhouse' is a scandalous chick-lit ideal for those 'dolls' out there who are keen for a juicy, easy read.

Inspired by-but not based on- the lives of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Dollhouse follows the Romero family as they deal with fame, rumours, gossip and of course family drama.
Told through the eyes of three sisters (Kamille, Kassidy and Kyle) and their mother (Kat) Dollhouse smartly flits from the four characters as they offer us an insight into their hectic lifestyle.
When beautiful but bitchy Kamille is spotted by a model scout the girls lives are turned upside down as she is thrust head first into the cut-throat world of showbiz; dragging her cautious family with her.
As Kamille struggles with pressures of being perfect her sisters-the rebellious and sarcastic Kyle and smart but shy Kassidy-become steadily irritated, jealous and at times bitter of their sister' success. A serious of chaotic events cause the Romero family to be torn apart with frustration only to find themselves forced together again as they realise that nothing is more important then family.
The girls have chosen their target audience perfectly. Aimed at late teens to young adults who love a little cheesy read and are potentially a Kardashian fan (I tick all three boxes) Dollhouse tackles drama, humour and family in a close to home manner.
As well as covering topics of drama, fame and family Dollhouse cleverly uses modern language and comical lingo such as 'slore,' 'bible' and 'shady' to truly enthral the reader.
Never pretending to be something its not Dollhouse offers a fun, relaxed read ideal for holidays or long train journeys (I read mine from Birmingham to London.) Perfect for that light burst of escapism you need when you've overdosed on Dan Brown or J RR Tolkien

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