Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Film: Movies of 2012

I know this year I will watch a fair few films, as always, at the cinema or on DVD so I've decided to have one post (updated regularly) dedicated to the films I will watch in 2012 with a rating out of ten and a small line to summarize the movie.
(In roughly alphabetical order)

21 Jump Street
A fun back to school comedy which understands its target audience 21 Jump Street offers modern jokes, up to date jibes and an ideal comedic cast

An easy watch but with little ecstasy, Abduction doesn't do much to show that Taylor Lautner is more then just an action hero

A low-budget super hero movie with twist and turns, unknown stars and a unusual concept, Chronicle offered a pleasant surprise.

Crazy Stupid Love
A warm-hearted, albeit, predictable, rom-com which is so slick and smart you almost forget that its all about romance

Dont Be Aafraid Of The Dark
A visually striking film boasting a talented family, Del Toro is on form with this dark fantastical horror

A little too pretentious and unsure Drive just misses the mark but does offer Ryan Gosling the chance to showcase his (truly talented) acting chops.

Five Year Engagement

A twist on the clichéd rom-com drama. Blunt and Segel offer some laughs to an otherwise serious film

Fright Night
An enjoyable enough watch and Colin Farrell is a convincing vampire but it barely makes a make on the 80's original

Baruchels' first directing role, Goon is short on laughs but big on heart with Sean William Scott stealing the show 

Slow, tedious and over the top the best thing about Immortals is seeing that Henry Cavill may just look the part for Snyder's Superman

In Time 
An intriguing concept and decent cast In Time is ruined by the lack of interesting characters and half-hearted acting

Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island 
A fun-filled adventure which matches the prequel on laughs and excitement, ideal when you fancy an light fantasy break

Marvel: The Avengers
A fantastic script, superb acting and amazing action, Joss Whedon tackles The Avengers and wins

Man On A Ledge 
Man on a Ledge offers enough suspense to keep you hooked and it's nice to see Jamie Bell back on the big screen

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
One of the best Missions Tom Cruise is on form as the undercover agent and Simon Pegg offers some classic British humor 

A funny and smart children's animated horror Paranorman is clever yet sad with a sweet moral centre.

Prometheus fails to make a connection to Alien but is still an enjoyable watch with good acting and a fair amount of gore.

Snow White And The Huntsman
An aesthetically pleasing movie with pretty effects and a stunning dash of colour, shame that the story is a little blasé and leaves too many question unanswered.

Safe House
Unfortunately the stellar cast didn't do much to detract the fact that this is just a bit of a boring action flick.

Star Wars (3D)
The 3D wasn't needed to emphasize an already epic film however it was ace to see it back on the big screen

Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows 
A little boring, long-winded and anti-climatic the films still aren't as slick as the TV series 

The Cabin in the Woods
A slasher movie for the modern age. Cabin in the Woods has more twists and tricks then a haunted maze and will keeping you guessing until the credits roll

The Dark Knight Rises
A sensational end to a magnificent trilogy. TDKR only just loses out on a 10 due to the fact that it dismisses the brilliant source material

The Hunger Games 
Boasting a superb cast, The Hunger Games lives up to the hype with grit, sincerity and thrills

The Thing (2012) 
Again, although it cannot match the 70's classic The Thing is a jumpy, who did it? Horror which will keep you guessing till the end, 

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One
Sticking closely to the book, fans of the franchise will appreciate the gore and loyalty of Breaking Dawn as well as accepting it as a a build up to the finale. 

The Three Musketeers
Lerman is decent as D'artagnan but there is no need to remake another 90's classic; far too predictable

The Next Three Days
A smart drama which offers kicks and thrills but nothing which makes it truly stand out

The Sweeney
A clichéd Brit action film which keeps you interested and doesn't mind tacking the mick of itself.

The Women in Black
An old school hammer horror. Women In Black is full of jumps, scares and superb acting

This Means War 

A cheesy, laugh out loud comedy with a bit of action and a bit of cringe

Tinker Tailor Solider Spy
Slow, deep and clever, Gary Oldman's portrayal is Oscar-worthy but the film itself can be a little too deep for its own good

Underworld Awakening 
Possibly my least favourite of the Underworld franchise, go for Rise of the Lycans if you fancy the excitement, vamps and wolves can offer

Brutal, honest and gritty Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton truly draw you in as two brother boxers fighting for their lives

We Bought a Zoo 
A warm, family film with drama, animals, heart and some great acting


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