Thursday, 31 May 2012

Fashion: I Don't Date Bullies

I have just seen the most AMAZING t-shirts on 

They are cute, charcoal grey tees designed by Rachel Roy and they offer the best message. One reads 'I Don't Date Bullies' and the other says 'Bullying Is Not Fashionable'

You have to bid to win and all the money goes to the non-profit charity Facing History and Ourselves I really want it! But I'm sure the price will go too high for me.
It's such an fabulous idea to combine an important ideal-ANTI BULLYING with such a popular and integral part of society-FASHION.
Somebody should start a label and kick this idea into full motion.
Bullying is never OK and I hate that so many kids,teens and adults have to deal with the issue daily.
Check out the below link for the t-shirt and the partner one she also designed, below you can bid and help beat bullying :D


Saturday, 26 May 2012

Weekly Round Up

Wowzers. This week I was sick. "Boo, you whore!" Just had a bad throat, cold, cough and an ear infection so work was a massive drain and I didn't go to the gym at all which was annoying.
I have, however, been watching lots of Supernatural and I love it! Its been a week and I'm nearly done with the first series, I love knowing that I have up to series 7 to watch; exciting.
So from Monday to Friday I watched TV and slept. In the hope that by Friday (party night) I would be happy to get my hair done, go shopping and go out clubbing with the crew! 
I had a phone call midweek from Burberry asking me to discuss going for an interview, I rang them back and left a voice mail but they didn't get back to me :( I shall call them again on Monday to chase it up.
At my current job the team I work in (Correspondence FYI) have decided that we're going to take part in a little betting during the Euros. There is ten of us in the team, we paired up, I'm with my friend Donna-who BTW is the spitting image of Rachel Bilson, its uncanny-and we each picked three teams out of a cup at random( divided into three groups; good, average and bad) We ended up with England, Ukraine and Russia!! HA. So we might not win.
In light of myself feeling shit I headed to the doctors who pretty much said they could help but they won't! I'm all good now-bit of vodka and I'm all cured. 
I'm also in the middle of reading a new book called Left Behind which my boyfriend's mum recommended to me after she found out I loved The Hunger Games. Its an interesting take on the Second Coming, its good although sad :(
Although I didn't do much during the week because I was will I was still tired by Friday but finished work at twelve, went to the hairdressers, then shopping then clubbing anyway...You only live once.
Whilst shopping I spent far too much money in such a short space of time-post later. 
Also I went to the hairdressers and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hair. Elle, my hairdresser, is fabulous! I saw her out in Hereford as well! She had work the next day too, funny. You can definitely tell the difference, she added some golden highlights into it.
I had such a good night with people from work and one of my sisters (Bryz) as she works at the same place, it was a good night, although I wasn't ready on time and rushing so forgot my fake eyelashes. Good night anyway though :D
I didn't feel it today either which is awesome considering the copious amount of shots that went on between us all! 
So throughout the week I didn't do much by Friday offered so much more enjoyment. 
Next week its the Jubilee and I'm seeing the boyfriend :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Fashion: Best Dressed May 2012

I will be debuting my best dressed from Cannes but as that event is still ongoing here is the best of May, this was a very pretty month and most of the outfits offered a summer feeling which I loved. 
Top twelve in no particular order:

*Hayden Panettiere at WildAid Chaity Gala in a pale, sparkly Naeem Khan gown
*Chloe Grace-Moretz at the Hollywood premiere of Dark Shadows in blue jacquard Stella McCartney dress and Jimmy Choo heels   
*Zoe Saldana looking sexy yet cute at Comsopolitan Latinas in a quirky Elie Saab mini

*Britney Spears looked hot in a purple bodycon Alexander Wang dress at Fox Upfront in NYC
*Nina Dobrev is staying on my fashion radar in a soft, sleek Dolce and Gabanna dress at the CW upfront event
*Kim Kardashian looking super cute at Kourtney's baby shower in nude Christian Louboutin pumps and a coral mini (Kourtney looks cute too)

*Jenna Ushkowitz in a summery snakeskin inspired Rebecca Minkoff at the Fox post show party
*Nicole Scherzinger looking regal and fabulous in purple Herve L Leroux at the Men in Black premiere, Berlin
*Katy Perry looked beautiful at the Billboard Music Awards in lilac sparkly Blumarine number

*Jordin Sparks also at the Billboard Music Awards was elegant in an eye-catching cobalt blue velvet and black leather combo designed by Mason
*Kristen Stewart's seemingly happy mood was echoed in her sunny yellow Balenciaga trousers matched wonderfully with a white tee and black blazer
*Khloe Kardashian out and about in Santa Monica dressed in a Dion Lee Mobius Shirt, Current/Elliot the beatnik jeans and super hot Christian Louboutin heels

    Saturday, 19 May 2012

    Weekly Round Up

    I saw my boyfriend and we watched This Means War and Man on a Ledge (check out film post for quick marks and review) we also watched numerous episodes of Magic City (uber chic fashion) and I made onion soup :) Was yummy. 
    I've been to the gym three times a week so far, I also saw my best friend Michaela-we ate pasta bake and ginger beer and chatted for hours. On Thursday I went to a local film quiz with one of my sisters (Bryony) and two of our mates from work (Darren and Dan) I hadn't really met Dan before but Bryz has been friends with Darren since I was, like, ten so know him pretty well.
    It was so much fun and we came second! Lost by half a point!! So gutted, but we're going to do it every month and may make t-shirts.....Our name was Team Quizzitch, one day we shall win. Because we came second though we had a free round of drinks; cherry beer and cocktails for us.
    Work was too boring for words, so we'll skip past that, I have been tired and busy this week with seeing the boyfriend, spending time with Michaela, gym, work and the quiz that this weekend I'm just chilling out-on my lonesome.
    I'm going out next weekend though with my sister and lots of people from work which should be fun, me and my friend Donna have been trying to organize a mini bus but its a disaster area! Hopefully will go to plan but I hate not knowing what I'm doing. Its a week away but I've already started to try outfits on to decide what to wear. Yep I'm that fussed about organisation.
    I've also booked off half day next Friday so I can get my hair did ;) coloured not cut I went in for a consultation today, either bleach bath or highlight according to my hairdresser Elle- excited!
    I might go shopping, I wanted to try new Katy Perry lashes and buy some heated hair rollers. I think I've found a dress for the summer wedding I'm going too and in search for the perfect accessories.
    Hair colour and styles I'm aiming for:

    It was the last episode of Once Upon A Time this week and WOWZERS, I've managed to hook my sisters (Amber and Bryz) and Hannah on it too, YAY! I can't wait for it be back on. 
    I also just finished watching Beauty and the Beast, I always say I'm not a romantic but its my favourite film of all time and a prime example of 'love conquers all.' DAMMIT
    I also found these really cool images of the Disney chicks, people always seem to put a really interesting twist on the characters. I found them online and apparently they are on deviantart and are designed by Steevinlove

    I've been looking into have a Beauty and the Beast style tattoo but at this rate I'll be covered!. Not my plan, I don't think I can really pull off a sleeve nor would I want to really. I'll be having a hard think. 
    Anyway, time for some rest (plus some serious job hunting)  

    AND finally-most importantly I am so happy to say my best friends brother is awake and talking after his car crash. He can't move and will be in hospital for some time yet but the main thing is he's well enough to wanna get out!
    YAY :D


    Wednesday, 16 May 2012

    Fashion: MET Gala 2012

    It was the MET Gala on bank holiday Monday, I love this event because people either decide to wear something completely insane and different (Katy Perry in her light up Cute Circuit gown ) or something simply eye-catching (Blake Lively in blue Marchesa)

    *Emma Stone looked like a beautiful, red, sparkling poppy in Lanvin, I do like the black pumps but felt they were a little to heavy for this bright but delicate look she does show that red heads can rock red!
    *Sofia Vergara was literally frosted with diamonds on Monday, I simply adore fishtail dresses and how she pours her curves into such stunning dresses. She may often go for corseted styles but she manages to spice it up-this time with £2 million worth of diamonds and a silver Marchesa gown.
    *Scarlet Johansson looked phenomanel in a Dolce and Gabbana creation. I love the nude, the gems and the glamour matched with cool make up and loose hair cut.

    Jessica Alba looked like she had been coated in a layer of melted gold in this gorgeous Michael Kors piece. She seemed to be chanelling those of the golden era too with soft waves and red lips
    *Lea Michele was dashing and daring in this navy sequinned number by the one and only Diane Von Furstenburg matched with Christian Louboutins (of course) and Lorraine Schwartz jewels , I like!
    *Nina Dobrev stood out for me because I hadn't truly ever seen her look so sophisticated. The dress is Donna Karen Atelier and with her soft updo and smokey make up she really shone.


    *Emily Blunt looked stunning in this light coral Calvin Klein number matched with a silver Christian Louboutin clutch and crystallized Jimmy Choo heels
    *Eva Mendes was bright and popping in orange Prada; both the dress and shoes were the same tangerine dream shade by the timeless designer.
    *Finally Renee Zellweger looked the best I've ever seen her in this black Emilio Puccy number, it didn't make her look too thin, which is suprising seeing as its black but I love the elegance and the mesh material to add a little sexiness.

    *Carey Mulligan, I'm suprising myself here with saying this but she looked super and stunning, U love the messy hair and dark, smokey eyes too. I'm a little weary of the halterneck but its different.
    *Camilla Belle was going for a similar look to Jessica Alba. She looked like she'd stepped straight out of The Great Gatsby stunning us all in Ralph Lauren; the lips, the hair THE DRESS!
    *Clare Danes was angelic and chic in a white gown by J mendel clashing wonderfully with a turquoise clutch and Christian Louboutin heels

    Out of the hundreds of people who attended I do have my favourite. It was a tie between two people, one Brit and an American.
    My best dressed goes to the fellow English Emily: EMILY BLUNT, closely followed by Camilla Belle.

    Film: Movies of 2012

    I know this year I will watch a fair few films, as always, at the cinema or on DVD so I've decided to have one post (updated regularly) dedicated to the films I will watch in 2012 with a rating out of ten and a small line to summarize the movie.
    (In roughly alphabetical order)

    21 Jump Street
    A fun back to school comedy which understands its target audience 21 Jump Street offers modern jokes, up to date jibes and an ideal comedic cast

    An easy watch but with little ecstasy, Abduction doesn't do much to show that Taylor Lautner is more then just an action hero

    A low-budget super hero movie with twist and turns, unknown stars and a unusual concept, Chronicle offered a pleasant surprise.

    Crazy Stupid Love
    A warm-hearted, albeit, predictable, rom-com which is so slick and smart you almost forget that its all about romance

    Dont Be Aafraid Of The Dark
    A visually striking film boasting a talented family, Del Toro is on form with this dark fantastical horror

    A little too pretentious and unsure Drive just misses the mark but does offer Ryan Gosling the chance to showcase his (truly talented) acting chops.

    Five Year Engagement

    A twist on the clichéd rom-com drama. Blunt and Segel offer some laughs to an otherwise serious film

    Fright Night
    An enjoyable enough watch and Colin Farrell is a convincing vampire but it barely makes a make on the 80's original

    Baruchels' first directing role, Goon is short on laughs but big on heart with Sean William Scott stealing the show 

    Slow, tedious and over the top the best thing about Immortals is seeing that Henry Cavill may just look the part for Snyder's Superman

    In Time 
    An intriguing concept and decent cast In Time is ruined by the lack of interesting characters and half-hearted acting

    Journey 2 : The Mysterious Island 
    A fun-filled adventure which matches the prequel on laughs and excitement, ideal when you fancy an light fantasy break

    Marvel: The Avengers
    A fantastic script, superb acting and amazing action, Joss Whedon tackles The Avengers and wins

    Man On A Ledge 
    Man on a Ledge offers enough suspense to keep you hooked and it's nice to see Jamie Bell back on the big screen

    Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
    One of the best Missions Tom Cruise is on form as the undercover agent and Simon Pegg offers some classic British humor 

    A funny and smart children's animated horror Paranorman is clever yet sad with a sweet moral centre.

    Prometheus fails to make a connection to Alien but is still an enjoyable watch with good acting and a fair amount of gore.

    Snow White And The Huntsman
    An aesthetically pleasing movie with pretty effects and a stunning dash of colour, shame that the story is a little blasé and leaves too many question unanswered.

    Safe House
    Unfortunately the stellar cast didn't do much to detract the fact that this is just a bit of a boring action flick.

    Star Wars (3D)
    The 3D wasn't needed to emphasize an already epic film however it was ace to see it back on the big screen

    Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows 
    A little boring, long-winded and anti-climatic the films still aren't as slick as the TV series 

    The Cabin in the Woods
    A slasher movie for the modern age. Cabin in the Woods has more twists and tricks then a haunted maze and will keeping you guessing until the credits roll

    The Dark Knight Rises
    A sensational end to a magnificent trilogy. TDKR only just loses out on a 10 due to the fact that it dismisses the brilliant source material

    The Hunger Games 
    Boasting a superb cast, The Hunger Games lives up to the hype with grit, sincerity and thrills

    The Thing (2012) 
    Again, although it cannot match the 70's classic The Thing is a jumpy, who did it? Horror which will keep you guessing till the end, 

    The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part One
    Sticking closely to the book, fans of the franchise will appreciate the gore and loyalty of Breaking Dawn as well as accepting it as a a build up to the finale. 

    The Three Musketeers
    Lerman is decent as D'artagnan but there is no need to remake another 90's classic; far too predictable

    The Next Three Days
    A smart drama which offers kicks and thrills but nothing which makes it truly stand out

    The Sweeney
    A clichéd Brit action film which keeps you interested and doesn't mind tacking the mick of itself.

    The Women in Black
    An old school hammer horror. Women In Black is full of jumps, scares and superb acting

    This Means War 

    A cheesy, laugh out loud comedy with a bit of action and a bit of cringe

    Tinker Tailor Solider Spy
    Slow, deep and clever, Gary Oldman's portrayal is Oscar-worthy but the film itself can be a little too deep for its own good

    Underworld Awakening 
    Possibly my least favourite of the Underworld franchise, go for Rise of the Lycans if you fancy the excitement, vamps and wolves can offer

    Brutal, honest and gritty Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton truly draw you in as two brother boxers fighting for their lives

    We Bought a Zoo 
    A warm, family film with drama, animals, heart and some great acting


    Monday, 7 May 2012

    Fashion: Best Dressed April 2012

    I thought about tackling TIME Gala event and White House dinner but decided instead to do a monthly fashion round up, debuting my favourite styles (not inc photo shoots or on set) of casual and cool to glamorous and glittery.
    My chosen number is twelve, so in no particular order:

    Audrina Patridge kept it simple and chic at The Raven screening in Alice + Olivia Leggings, Gwen Stefani looked cool and casual at a music studio dressed in Stella McCartney sunglasses, A.L.C sweater and J Brand Jodhpurs, Christina Aguliera stood out on The Voice in Christian Louboutin heels and Roland Mouret dress

    Demi Lovato looked pretty as punch at a meet and greet wearing Helmut Lang wrap dress and Christian Louboutin heels, Jessica Lowndes shimmered at InStyle party in a navy Lela Rose dress and Gwyneth Paltrow rocked bright heels and a blazer in NYC-couldn't find her clothes anywhere!!  

    Kate Hudson sparkled at the White House dinner in Jenny Packham gown with a Edie Parker clutch, Khloe Kardashian-Odom looked the best I've seen her in a Lover mini dress and Kimmy Choo heels, Lauren Conrad was cute as candy in Lela Rose dress and Casadei pumps

    Kim Kardashian dazzles at US Weekly Style event in a silver dress and pink Casaedi heels, Leighton Meester channels Blair Waldorf at Harry Winston Shanagi opening in a Marchesa dress and Christian Louboutin shoes and finally Eva Longoria looking chic at LAX in Tom Ford sunglasses, Hermes handbag, Henry and Belle Jeans and Bottega Veneta Karung sandals

    So as everyone knows the stars are still in love with Christian Louboutin but really who can blame them? Lela Rose is definitely a name I will be looking into as I haven't come across her before but those dresses of Lauren and Jessica's are stunning. As always Marchesa is a show stopper for Ms Meester and I really some J Brand jeans, they seem to be fore everyone, way out of my price range :'(

    Film: Quote 7/5/2012

    "You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain"
    - Harvey Dent 


    Saturday, 5 May 2012

    Beauty: New Hair

    I went to Jazz in Ludlow and had my haircut by Elle-will definitely be asking for her again. These photos were taken once I was home so a little wind battered but she made my hair so full of volume with amazing shape! I really loved it. I do think possibly more layers and shorter fringe may be needed next time but she said she didn't want the layers too short as it can look bad.
    I also dyed it will the Nutrisse colour- Golden Brown- it wasn't great to use, it was a foam one so not sure I'll go back to that.
    It cost £35 and will cost £30 for full head of colour it I decided to go for that (Will do next time)

    Friday, 4 May 2012

    Life: Weekly Roundup

    This week has been MAYHEM! Why does that always happen? Last week nothing seems to happen and then these past ten days were so chaotic.
    It was my boyfriends birthday on 30th April and so I headed over to Wales Friday evening, I had bit of a tricky choice to make as it was my friend Gemma's last day at work and everyone was going out and getting their drinks on BUT it was boyf's birthday! Anyway Gemma's planned another night out on 19th May so I'm happy :D
    I arrived in Wales at sevenish and it was GREY! LOL. I feel so sorry for my boyfriend and his parents because Cwmbran really is quite bleak and kind of depressing! Especially seeing as they used to live in Cincinnati, USA!. What a change. 

    We stayed in and watched Chronicle Friday night then headed over to Cardiff on Saturday where we did some shopping, bought M and M pretzels and tried Twinkies- YUMMM!! I bought: 
    • A leopard print swing dress but I'm not sure of it so I may take it back,from Primark.- £10
    • I also bought a pale pink lose fitting tank with a slight Aztec print from New Look - £3, 
    • Pink head phones to match my iPod - £10
    • Tanning mitt and Nutrisse hair dye I might text- £3 and £5
    • and the Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman film Cat on a Hot Tin Roof- £3
    It absolutely tipped down all weekend! So gutted but we went to see Avengers Assemble and it was brilliant :) Potential review there-I actually think I might watch at the cinema again, possibly with my sister if she's keen. We also missioned over to Newport for a bit on Sunday, didn't buy much, we had some scrummy macaroni, tomato and cheese dish on Lyle's birthday and he had some Batman cake courtesy of moi! As I'm rubbish I am yet to give him his presents but he'll get them next weekend.

    I had a really good weekend however I received some sad news from my best friend, Michaela, on Saturday her little brother Olly was in a car crash :( Too tragic. He broken his arm, splintered his legs, punctured his lung and damaged his heart. Truly being praying for him, he's only a teenager. She's kept me updated and although there was some problems previously as he had trouble breathing he's awake now! Such a relief to hear, thank you God.

    I arrived home from Wales on Monday at around midnight and had work the next time THEN was off to London on Tuesday evening after work! It was such a tedious journey (changing at Newport and Reading) I arrived in Staines at around eleven and my dad picked me up.
    The reason I was in London was because I had an interview with Paramount Pictures!!! It was amazing, such a brilliant experience and the two women (Simone and Mariella) were just so lovely. I really want it but I know I lack experience :'(
    It was like something out of a movie-no irony-stunning glass building with style and chic, movie posters and film clips, just stunning.
    I then went for lunch in Zizi's with my dad which was fun, before heading back home and getting in for around seven AND back to work for Thursday!

    When I got home I had my order from ASOS: 
    • Black Mango Skinny Jeans £22.99
    • Kim-Pletely in love Kardashian Kolour (a pale pink with shimmer) £9.
    The jeans were too loose around my legs and barely covered my ass! Just awful fitting, my quest for the perfect pair of black skinny continues. If I keep failing to find some I must just do a post on it.

     So, all in all a pretty hectic week!

    Thursday, 3 May 2012

    Literature: Dollhouse Review

    Kardashian Sisters
    Created by the famous Kardashian sisters 'Dollhouse' is a scandalous chick-lit ideal for those 'dolls' out there who are keen for a juicy, easy read.

    Inspired by-but not based on- the lives of Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Dollhouse follows the Romero family as they deal with fame, rumours, gossip and of course family drama.
    Told through the eyes of three sisters (Kamille, Kassidy and Kyle) and their mother (Kat) Dollhouse smartly flits from the four characters as they offer us an insight into their hectic lifestyle.
    When beautiful but bitchy Kamille is spotted by a model scout the girls lives are turned upside down as she is thrust head first into the cut-throat world of showbiz; dragging her cautious family with her.
    As Kamille struggles with pressures of being perfect her sisters-the rebellious and sarcastic Kyle and smart but shy Kassidy-become steadily irritated, jealous and at times bitter of their sister' success. A serious of chaotic events cause the Romero family to be torn apart with frustration only to find themselves forced together again as they realise that nothing is more important then family.
    The girls have chosen their target audience perfectly. Aimed at late teens to young adults who love a little cheesy read and are potentially a Kardashian fan (I tick all three boxes) Dollhouse tackles drama, humour and family in a close to home manner.
    As well as covering topics of drama, fame and family Dollhouse cleverly uses modern language and comical lingo such as 'slore,' 'bible' and 'shady' to truly enthral the reader.
    Never pretending to be something its not Dollhouse offers a fun, relaxed read ideal for holidays or long train journeys (I read mine from Birmingham to London.) Perfect for that light burst of escapism you need when you've overdosed on Dan Brown or J RR Tolkien

    Read if you liked:
    L.A Candy by Lauren Conrad 
    Pop Tart by Kira Coplin and Juliana Kaye