Saturday, 7 April 2012

Film: Savages

I read a book about a year ago called Savages and I was really impressed with it, its basically about drugs, love and murder is set in California.
There are three main characters; Chon, Ben and Ophelia aka O. The two guys are best friends and also happen to be heavily involved with weed. Chon is brutal, short-tempered and dangerous whereas Ben is smart, shy and a thinker (he really reminded me of my boyfriend) The female lead is a rich but laid back and cool girl called O who both the boys share as a girlfriend (Bit of a slut, but who can blame her?!). Shit heats the fan when the Mexican Cartel kidnap O because of some drug rules us normal people probably wouldn't understand.
Its written by Don Wimslow whose stuff I've never read before but I really couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the sensational language and the dipping in and out of characters minds and, cheesy as this is, it truly made me think.

Soon after I discovered they were making a film of it, directed by Oliver Stone starring Aaron Johnson (nice) Taylor Kitsch (sweet) and Blake Lively (hmmm...)
The trailer was released just the other day and I'm actually pretty impressed! The cast also boasts some other A-list stars including Salma Hayek, Emile Hirsch (swoon) Benicio Del Toro and John Travolta-pretty decent.
I am excited now, Taylor and Aaron look HOT!

You can check the trailer out here 

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