Friday, 6 April 2012

Beauty: Lipstick Lookout

Like I previously said I'm not much of lipstick person, much more of a lipgloss kinda girl but I was having a search through my make up bag and found four pink lipsticks! None of them are particularly special nor are they expensive as they are consciously priced under £5 but I thought I would give a quick update and prognosis on these little gems.
Its not a review as I find the majority of lipsticks make my lips dry, these were applied with a fine layer of vaseline before.

(Right to left) Rimmel, Make Up Academy, Barry M and 17

Rimmel, Shade 900 named Pink Blush, £4.99
A medium pink shade with a hint of coral, glides on and stayed the best

Make Up Academy, Shade 5, £1.00
A shimmery pink with slight glitter particles. A little bitty but very soft

Barry M Shade 100 named Baby Pink, £4.49
 A stand out shade of light pink which I really love and easy application but cracks easily

17 named Dreamy, £4.29
Again has a slight coral tint, soft application and a little brighter then the first 

The third shade really doesn't photograph well and I think that the second shade is more of a gloss then anything else, I do like all of them though! :)

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