Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Life: Just a quickie

The past weekend offered some nice weather again, I really hope its the same over Easter as I'm heading over to mothers with the family for some good food and chit chat.
Anyway this weekend I dragged the boyfriend to the cinema to see The Hunger Games (yes, again) he totes loved it, had a look around but didn't do any shopping. I previously bought the gold eye shadow I wanted and I think I will do a make up post-eye shadows and lipsticks soon.
I really want to go clothes shopping and buy some new things because I really feel like I haven't bought anything in while, especially for summer but I promised I wouldn't so bore on.
Good new is that on Thursday I get to eat chocolate and crisps!!! BOOM. I gave them up for lent.
On a relatively depressing note I have applied for a total of 39 jobs throughout March and even was asked to go for a interview as a runner for a film company but they weren't very flexible and it fell though :( So gutted. 
During the week I went to the gym with Bryz, we went to Legs, Bums and Tums class it was EVIL, so hard. I really want to get into shape but dragging Bryony along is tricky!

The weekend before was Mothers Day I think and I have a rare photo of my mum and four of her children- Me, Amber, Bryony and Imogen (Sarah and Alex are missing) see below.
I look hideous BTW
I will be making some cupcakes this weekend, hopefully, although they have been a little temperamental. I think I'll be using the Hummingbird Bakery recipe. 

At work have been trying to organise a work out with people from my team and also Alton Towers for some summer fun but its impossible! Think there's a about eight of us going but I can't handle not knowing whats happening! I'm sure it'll work out though.....

Anyway this weekend not sure what I'm going to be wearing, its tricky. I'll check back soon

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