Thursday, 5 April 2012

Literature: Fame Game

My friend Hannah is a HUGE Lauren Conrad fan, we both like The Hills but she literally worships LC's ground-much like me with Kim Kardashian, we have our fav reality chicks. 
So I was online having a celebrity search and caught a photo of Lauren Conrad at the launch of her new book.
I have previously read L.A Candy, Sugar and Spice and Sweet Little Lies and I also have her Lauren Conrad Style book (which isn't anywhere near as good as Rachel Zoe's A-Z but anyway...) I have to say I wasn't that impressed with the level of writing but they kept me gripped anyway!
It got me thinking that with her new book out The Fame Game I swear The Kardashian sisters have a novel out which I am yet to buy! I own Kardashian Konfidential, it was a birthday present from the bestie but I don't own Dollhouse...! What is this madness??

I said this month that I wouldn't buy anything which I want only what I need but today was just the worst day, I cannot even explain :(
But anyway it slightly improved towards the end and so I was very naughty and purchased Dollhouse for just £7!! Should be £12. I could have bought some sandals for £10 or even more make up or clothes but I bought a book, a novel even :D
Potential review here soon


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