Sunday, 15 April 2012

Weekly Roundup

This week left much to be desired, as weeks go it was pretty rubbish.

My book still hasn't come and I thought it would have done by now, so no Dollhouse for me at the moment which is a disappointment.
I did however find Kim Kardashian's official ebay account via her website and have seen the PERFECT dress for the summer wedding, it's actually one I mentioned when I did a post of dress ideas! It's a size 10 and the measurements seem to fit perfectly! I have no moneys until payday but my sister and her boyfriend said they would lend me the money. It's already at £90 though :(

I did find out that I can upgrade my mobile a couple of months earlier, instead of September I can upgrade my phone in July. I currently have the Samsung Diva in purple and I really love it but it's been nearly two years and I can definitely feel it going! Therefore I have been checking out some phones, I think I might change my tariff too so it's a little lower, maybe £40 a month instead of £60. I'm hoping to stick with both O2 and Samsung, I like the look of Samsung Galaxy. In all honesty I just want a phone which looks good and works!

It's also my boyfriends birthday at the end of April (30th) and I still don't have his presents!! I have told him he might have to wait till my next pay day and he's OK with that, I know what I'll be buying him.

I also didn't go to the gym! Not once! I officially suck, I was looking at old photos of myself from my first year at university (four years ago) and wowzers I was a right skinny minny, don't know what happened!
I think me and my sister will be going to our part deux induction this week at the gym so I can get back on track :D

I also made some white chocolate and pecan nut cookies (I guess that's why I'm not a size zero!) the recipe was from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, I'm not sure how I felt about the recipe though. It wasn't my favourite. 

I've also started an April desires imagery as there are so many things I want to buy, post it at the end of April to depress myself that little bit more! Ha. One thing I gotta do next time I get paid is cut my hair, it really needs some styling, just have to find the right cut.



Monday, 9 April 2012

Celebrity: Quote 9/4/2012

“I think you have different soulmates throughout your life; that your soul needs different things at different times. I’m sure my soul will meet a mate one day in the future. I do believe in love, I will always believe in love, but my idea has changed from what I’ve always thought... I just don’t believe in one soulmate now."
-Kim Kardashian

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Fashion: Easter Sunday

Headed over to my mothers today for Easter Sunday, was lots of fun and now very tired! Ate lots of yummy vegetable chile, rice, bread, rocky road and yoghurt. Yumz.
Myself and the two sister I live with- Amber and Bryony- purchased some fluffy bunny ears and wore them all day. We're cool like that.
It took me a while to decide but I wore black maxi skirt from ebay and black strap top from H and M, peach/coral cardigan from Primark, tan gladiator sandals by Peacocks and Topshop denim jacket to keep me warm.
I didn't take a full photo and really wish I had now but my sisters and others said I was channeling my inner Khloe Kardashian-Odom! Lolz. Nelson pointed out its the maxi and denim.
(*Photo at the bottom of me and my sisters)

I left my hair with more of a centre parting then usual and straightened it then added a slight wave. I wore MaxFactor foundation in Fair and Pastelle, on my eyes I wore Sin and Chopper from Urban Decay Ammo Shadowbox as well as Flipside from Urban Decay Sustainable Shadowbox, I wore my Katy Perry Oh Honey fake eyelashes and Tooface Lashlight mascara.

(L-R) MaxFactor foundations at around £8 each, Ubran Decay Ammo shadowbox at £27, TooFaced Lashlight Mascara at £16.50, Katy Perry Oh My lashes £4.99, Urban Decay Sustainable shadow box at £27. Sin, Chopper and Flipside eye-shadows

If you fancy the maxi and denim look check out some buys I found online to recreate the look:
 (L-R) Coral cardigan-Whistles £55, Skirt- Dorothy Perkins £18, Jacket-Hilfiger Denim £100,Strap Top- Topshop £8, Pink cardigan- Dorothy Perkins £18, Sandals-Boohoo £18, Bag- Jaeger £150

(L-R) Me, Amber and Bryony with our amazing bunny ears!

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Film: Savages

I read a book about a year ago called Savages and I was really impressed with it, its basically about drugs, love and murder is set in California.
There are three main characters; Chon, Ben and Ophelia aka O. The two guys are best friends and also happen to be heavily involved with weed. Chon is brutal, short-tempered and dangerous whereas Ben is smart, shy and a thinker (he really reminded me of my boyfriend) The female lead is a rich but laid back and cool girl called O who both the boys share as a girlfriend (Bit of a slut, but who can blame her?!). Shit heats the fan when the Mexican Cartel kidnap O because of some drug rules us normal people probably wouldn't understand.
Its written by Don Wimslow whose stuff I've never read before but I really couldn't put it down. I enjoyed the sensational language and the dipping in and out of characters minds and, cheesy as this is, it truly made me think.

Soon after I discovered they were making a film of it, directed by Oliver Stone starring Aaron Johnson (nice) Taylor Kitsch (sweet) and Blake Lively (hmmm...)
The trailer was released just the other day and I'm actually pretty impressed! The cast also boasts some other A-list stars including Salma Hayek, Emile Hirsch (swoon) Benicio Del Toro and John Travolta-pretty decent.
I am excited now, Taylor and Aaron look HOT!

You can check the trailer out here 

Read if you like it:
Less Than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis 
Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey

Beauty: Random Photo April 2012

Coloured hair extensions
Blue, pink and purple from hair trade
Varies from £3.99 to £4.49

Friday, 6 April 2012

Beauty: Lipstick Lookout

Like I previously said I'm not much of lipstick person, much more of a lipgloss kinda girl but I was having a search through my make up bag and found four pink lipsticks! None of them are particularly special nor are they expensive as they are consciously priced under £5 but I thought I would give a quick update and prognosis on these little gems.
Its not a review as I find the majority of lipsticks make my lips dry, these were applied with a fine layer of vaseline before.

(Right to left) Rimmel, Make Up Academy, Barry M and 17

Rimmel, Shade 900 named Pink Blush, £4.99
A medium pink shade with a hint of coral, glides on and stayed the best

Make Up Academy, Shade 5, £1.00
A shimmery pink with slight glitter particles. A little bitty but very soft

Barry M Shade 100 named Baby Pink, £4.49
 A stand out shade of light pink which I really love and easy application but cracks easily

17 named Dreamy, £4.29
Again has a slight coral tint, soft application and a little brighter then the first 

The third shade really doesn't photograph well and I think that the second shade is more of a gloss then anything else, I do like all of them though! :)

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Literature: Fame Game

My friend Hannah is a HUGE Lauren Conrad fan, we both like The Hills but she literally worships LC's ground-much like me with Kim Kardashian, we have our fav reality chicks. 
So I was online having a celebrity search and caught a photo of Lauren Conrad at the launch of her new book.
I have previously read L.A Candy, Sugar and Spice and Sweet Little Lies and I also have her Lauren Conrad Style book (which isn't anywhere near as good as Rachel Zoe's A-Z but anyway...) I have to say I wasn't that impressed with the level of writing but they kept me gripped anyway!
It got me thinking that with her new book out The Fame Game I swear The Kardashian sisters have a novel out which I am yet to buy! I own Kardashian Konfidential, it was a birthday present from the bestie but I don't own Dollhouse...! What is this madness??

I said this month that I wouldn't buy anything which I want only what I need but today was just the worst day, I cannot even explain :(
But anyway it slightly improved towards the end and so I was very naughty and purchased Dollhouse for just £7!! Should be £12. I could have bought some sandals for £10 or even more make up or clothes but I bought a book, a novel even :D
Potential review here soon


Fashion: Summer Styles

I have recently really been loving pastels; mint, peach, lilac etc. I also have had my eye on some Hawaiian-Tropical prints and now nearing towards tribal style and also sunset shades so decided to make a post on some summer prints and styles I have my eye on.

I bought a dress from Motel last year some time it was black but had an awesome tropical print on and a cute collar (see below for the print) needless to say I don't wear it with the collar done up as I would look like a muppet but I really love the print.
The bright colours make me feel like I should be on a beach in Miami, I love it on dresses, bikinis, tops even shorts but I really do not like it on trousers I feel it looks too nineties and too much like a mum in dodgy jeans...sorry.

Bottom left dress-Oasis £50, Bralet- Topshop £25, Wedges-River Island £50, T-Shirt-Marc by Marc Jacobs £290, Bandeau dress-Miss Selfridge £35

These two prints (inc Egyptian) I really haven't ever truly touched upon, I have a few pastel pieces now and typical tropical print bikinis and the mentioned dress but I find this Aztec print a ;lot harder to pull off.
It was the Egyptian style and Elizabeth Taylor (icon) inspired pieces I saw on Topshop which caught my attention-all sold out now though, dammit!
I love the brunt orange and the rustic browns and reds of these pieces but I think they often look better of loose, less fitted items and sometimes these can be unflattering but I would love a bag or a simple tee in a warm orange and brown print, ready for summer :)

Nail wraps-Nail Rocks £6, Clutch- Etro £695, Strap top- Topshop £26, Earrings-River Island £9, Mini Skirt -River Island £15, Sandals-New Look £24.99, Shift Top- Tibi £245, Dress-Warehouse £65, Wedges- Asos £90, Necklace- Susan Caplan (from ASOS) £285

Yay pastels! I never thought I would be able to wear pastels but I've found make up (eye shadow and lipsticks really) cardigans/jackets and hair pieces really work in my favour as opposed to ice cream coloured jeans or pretty pastel shirts.
Either pale or tanned I think there is definitely a shade out there, its now become stylish to add some aqua or candyfloss shade to your hair too, cute!

Blazer-Preen £1,170, Satchel-New Look £19.99, Bikini- Missoni £225, Heeled Pumps- ASOS £55, Skirt- Topshop £25, Jumper- Topshop £26, Dress- Topshop £30, Clutch-Diane Von Furstenburg £280, Flat Pumps-New Look £15.99, Bracelet- Pippa Small £1,995, Socks- Topshop £3.50

This is a new group of shades I have slowly come to like; oranges, peach, deep pink, yellow, coral, rouge etc. Warm and cool at the same time as the shades are warm but offer such a cool style. 
I literally love the sunset clutch so much, shame I don't have £500! I love these hues compared to the lurid brights, they are so much calmer and easier to wear

Clutch- Jimmy Choo £495, Dress- Lanvin £495, Wedges- Mulberry £550, Jacket- River Island £150, Shorts- Topshop £34, Heeled Pumps- ALDO £85, Eyes hadows- La Femme Cosmetics £2.00 EACH, Pink Dress- Alexander McQueen £1,125, Yellow Dress- Giambattista Valli £1,310, Metallic sandals- ASOS £18



Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Life: Just a quickie

The past weekend offered some nice weather again, I really hope its the same over Easter as I'm heading over to mothers with the family for some good food and chit chat.
Anyway this weekend I dragged the boyfriend to the cinema to see The Hunger Games (yes, again) he totes loved it, had a look around but didn't do any shopping. I previously bought the gold eye shadow I wanted and I think I will do a make up post-eye shadows and lipsticks soon.
I really want to go clothes shopping and buy some new things because I really feel like I haven't bought anything in while, especially for summer but I promised I wouldn't so bore on.
Good new is that on Thursday I get to eat chocolate and crisps!!! BOOM. I gave them up for lent.
On a relatively depressing note I have applied for a total of 39 jobs throughout March and even was asked to go for a interview as a runner for a film company but they weren't very flexible and it fell though :( So gutted. 
During the week I went to the gym with Bryz, we went to Legs, Bums and Tums class it was EVIL, so hard. I really want to get into shape but dragging Bryony along is tricky!

The weekend before was Mothers Day I think and I have a rare photo of my mum and four of her children- Me, Amber, Bryony and Imogen (Sarah and Alex are missing) see below.
I look hideous BTW
I will be making some cupcakes this weekend, hopefully, although they have been a little temperamental. I think I'll be using the Hummingbird Bakery recipe. 

At work have been trying to organise a work out with people from my team and also Alton Towers for some summer fun but its impossible! Think there's a about eight of us going but I can't handle not knowing whats happening! I'm sure it'll work out though.....

Anyway this weekend not sure what I'm going to be wearing, its tricky. I'll check back soon

Monday, 2 April 2012

Fashion: Kids Choice Awards

The Kids Choice awards are a sweet way to kick off the warm seasons approaching. We are generally welcomed with a brighter, almost cooler taken on celebrity awards styling and 2012 is no different.
As a high number of the guests are teenagers and young adults it’s a perfect opportunity to showcase the youth and freshness of today’s talent.  
Below are my top 12 favourite picks, who shone and sparkled about the rest.

*Michelle Obama in Wes Gordon hounds-tooth sequins 
*Katy Perry bright and beautiful in Gerlan Jeans 
*Miranda Cosgrove offering some irony in in a leather Porter Grey shift dress and Stella McCartney boots
*Ariel Winter in a cute Cynthia Rowles dress and Aldo courts 
*Kelly Osbourne in a Tony Ward dress and pink Guiseppe Zanotti peep toes 
*Kelly Chow in a colourful Leila Shams dress and Steve Madden pumps

*Selena Gomez sparkles in cream and metallic Dolce and Gabbana 
*Elizabeth Gillies sizzles in a sultry cobalt blue dress
*Emma stone I thought was a little boring but I still definitely thought she looked cute in cream Antonio Beradi dress
*Ana Mulvey Ten in a cute dress Topshop dress and amazing Kandee shoes 
*Gracie Dzienny in a fitted cobalt Nicole Miller sparkler and perfect strap wedges and finally 
*Willow Shields looking perfectly summery in a bubble gum pink Marc Jacobs ensemble-wish I was wearing Marc Jacobs at her age!