Sunday, 18 March 2012

Beauty: Tattoo Four

I currently have three tattoos two on my left wrist and one on my right upper ankle. I am now thinking about getting another. I love my other three and they all share some meaning. 
The first I got with my best friend Michaela (she had a little bow) it is my leo star sign which I have wanted for ages and I barely hesitated with the placing too (wrist)
The second Me and Michaela both have, a key on my ankle, its in the same shape of a necklace I bought her for her birthday, we've been besties since we were nine (currently thirteen years)
Finally my most recent is 'Expecto Patronum' the patronus charm from Harry Potter which protects you against the dementors-evil.  Harry Potter plays an important part of my life, its inspiration for me to be a writer and being the same age and Daniel Radcliffe I also felt a bond with the films.

I am now, and have been for some time, thinking about getting a Lord of the Rings inspired tattoo-film or novel. Again this a series of fantasy which has truly inspired and warmed me. The films truly implemented my obsession with film, how something so magical came to screen so beautifully I think it's only right a honor them.
See below for some ideas (left to right) J RR Tolkien's signature and representative, Arwen's butterfly design worn on a headpiece, the Evenstar which Arwen gave to Aragorn, nine in Elvish that which all of the fellowship have


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