Friday, 16 March 2012

Beauty: Mascara Reviews

I discovered recently that I own eight mascaras, not too excessive I think. I still have all of them, even though some are probably passed their sell by date! It's interesting to see how the different makes and prices effect the outcome. I have fairly long but quite soft light lashes so I need volume as opposed to length.
The prices vary from £6.99 to £16.50

L’oreal Telescopic-£10.99
My friend recommended this>damn you Hannah! I really don’t like it, at all. It made my lashes clump, gave little volume and barely any length.
Hannah has quite short but thick lashes whereas mine are long but lack volume; she loved it and I loathed it. For the price I wasn't impressed

L’oreal Volume Millionaire Luminizer -£6.99
I actually really like this one but it flakes! A lot. It did give my eyes a slightly greener tinge and its good a for a full, daytime look but after half an hour I had little bits of black under my eyes . I think I would recommend it and I do still use it but I am always a little gutted when it begins to flake.

Rimmel Waterproof Day 2 Night- £7.99
I borrowed this from my friend (Becky) when I forgot my make up at work and WOW! The lengthener is amazing; it really made my lashes reach out. The volumizer clumps a littler but all you need is a little patience and a steady hand.
Also definitely waterproof it’s a devil to get off!

Bourjois Volume Clubbing-£7.99
This is the second time I’ve bought this mascara but i really don’t know why. It’s too heavy and turns my eye lashes into sticky lumps. I love a fat brush (see Benefit and Urban Decay) but this fails to separate or even support my lashes. It drags them down; I keep trying it out but just become frustrated.

ME ME ME, Fat Cat-£7.99
Confession: I only bought this mascara because it’s called Fat Cat and it’s OK. Just OK. It gives your eyes the standard slightly longer, slightly fuller flashes

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara- £9.99
I bought this one from Boots as an experiment and I do like. It gives a full lash and doesn't clog my lashes but doesn't give the WOW factor I was looking for. It is definitely a decent buy though and I would recommend it.

17 Wild Curls Lashes-£6.99
I think I got this free when I spend a ludicrous amount of money at Boots. It's not one I would buy myself as I don't tend to like 17 eye make up. It wasn't very good and had a very slight wand but considering it was free it was OK but I wouldn't say it's worth £6.99

Too Faced Lashlight- £16.50
I bought this on special offer from TK MAXX-such a good buy, I love the little light it has too for added precision. I think I found about five pounds cheaper and I really love it. Its worth the spend-Too Face never lets down really. It doesn't get a 5/5 purely because no mascara is perfect!

I can see from below that I seem to prefer wide heads to my wands with clear precision and longer lengths on the actual mascara in order for me to get the fullness i like.


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