Monday, 26 March 2012

Fashion: Spring Cravings

Not that I can afford to be spending any money this month what with birthdays and bills but there is still numerous items I desire.

A new hair cut and colour; dark golden brunette with a sweep and layers, a pastel or cute, paler coloured jacket, St Tropez bronzing mousse, Loreal colour appeal in Gold eyeshadow, some jeans which AREN'T skinny; slim flare, kick flare, bootleg, MAC Wonder Woman lipstick in Gleam or Odyssey, summer sandals in a metallic shade, a new tattoo

Unfortunately this would probably cost me about £220-£250 ish so no specials for Emily this month, this makes me sad :(

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Fashion: Icon- The Blake Lively Post

 "I became my own stylist by not knowing any better."
Blake Lively
I really love Blakes style, I'm sure she some inspiration from Serena van der Woodsen.
I love how she can wear pastels and floaty pieces to black and a little edgy and always look stylish, she doesn't feel the need to hook on every trend but to rock those which suit.
These are my favourite outfits of hers, up until 2012. No photo shoots- there will be some unintentional Gossip Girl set outfits chosen

*Making jaws drop at the Sherlock Holmes Premiere 2009 in a stunning black D&g lace dress
*Making a mark on the fashion scene in this bright pink Michael Kors dress and nude pumps
*Channeling her LA surfer style in a turquoise Adam Spring playsuit at CW Upfront 2009
*Inspired by mermaid Ariel in this turquoise Zuhair Murad dress and strawberry curls at Time 100 

*Love this cool and casual winter outfit which includes a Burberry scarf and Gucci handbag 
*A hippie summer look whilst out and about in L.A which is finished off by a Rag and Bone denim jacket
*Very Sex and the City at the MET Gala in a bold blue Marchesa mini and slicked bag ponytail
*Supporting Chace Crawford at Twelve premiere 2010 in Chanel Cruise and nude pumps, I swear this is where mesh inserts first came out

*Attending a DVF fashion show in 2009, keep it chic but glam in heels, jeans and a glittering jacket
*Shopping in New York whilst wearing statement Fendi peep toes
*I adore this look, its possibly my favourite! From the Louboutin paw pumps and D&G handbag to the soft knit and chocolate skinnies (plus super cute dog!)
*Clearly a big fan of Chanel in studded boots and maroon bag by the French designer whilst out and about in NYC

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Film: The Hunger Games Review


Directed by: Gary Ross
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Donald Sutherland, Liam Hemsworth

Based on the best selling Suzanne Collins novel of the same title The Hunger Games stars Jennifer Lawrence as sixteen year old Katniss Everdeen who takes the place of her little sister, Primrose, in the deadliest fight for survival.
Set in the not too distant future a post apocalyptic America (renamed Panem) has fallen under the strict control of President Snow ruler of the highly superficial, metropolitan city named The Capitol.
Every year The Capitol presents The Hunger Games; a horrific televised event where a boy and girl (called Tributes) from each of the twelve districts is chosen to enter 'the arena' to battle till the death; they're can be only one survivor. 
As a fan of the book I review this film from a potentially biased view, however I truly feel someone has simply jumped into my imagination and plucked out the perfect cast.
Having seen Jennifer Lawrence in Winters Bone and X-Men I was aware of her positive screen presence and in The Hunger Games she does not fall short. She is strong, beautiful and holds your attention with ease-she stays true to everything Katniss is.
As in many novels there is a love story and The Hunger Games is no different, cast in the role of Peeta was Josh Hutcherson and there is no doubt about it, Hutcherson is Peeta. He coveys the longing, passion and desperation of a man fighting for love without appearing soppy and weak- tricky with such a strong female lead. He is also offers some comic relief and kind words, he's hard not to like-much like the boy with bread from the wonderful novels.
Supporting the leads we were introduced into a mix of a -list stars and some unknowns; Elizabeth Banks was brilliant as Effie, Woody Harrelson memorable as Haymitch, Liam Hemsworth held his own as Gale, not to mention Alex Ludwig as the devilish Cato and Willow Shields causing tears to flow as little Primrose-the list goes on.
Not only is the acting superb the film is visually fabulous; from the natural shades of Katniss's home District 12 to the lurid brights and sickly pastels of The Capitol, director Gary Ross sparks the controversy of wealth and poverty as perfectly articulated in the book itself. 
Ross also uses the cinematography in an interesting manner, there is an almost documentary-style ambiance to the film, with rocky close ups in the districts and shaky chases during the actual Hunger Games you truly like you are watching the reality show. 
Unfortunately, the last twenty minutes or so are a little rushed. We are out of the arena and seeing the credits roll before we have time to fathom what just happened and how it all ended. 
Also, as always when turning a novel into a film a great deal must be cut out and regrettably this means some relationships aren't formed as intensely as they probably should be. With this in mind, towards the end I didn't find myself yearning for Katniss and Peeta to be together because we never truly saw them ripped apart in the heart-breaking way the book offers. Having said that when Katniss thinks she's lost Peeta the panic in her tone and fear on her face clutches at your heartstrings; once again showing Lawrence's solid acting talent.
As I have read all three books I know how the tale ends and I can understand why Ross focused on certain areas and felt it fair to dismiss others; they can be developed effectively in Catching Fire and Mockingjay- and I really hope they do.

With an undeniably talented cast, beautiful story and relevant themes this new franchise could potentially reach the starry heights of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

Watch (and read) if you like it:
Battle Royale by KĊshun Takami/Kinji Fukasaku
I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore/D.J Caruso



Sunday, 18 March 2012

Beauty: Tattoo Four

I currently have three tattoos two on my left wrist and one on my right upper ankle. I am now thinking about getting another. I love my other three and they all share some meaning. 
The first I got with my best friend Michaela (she had a little bow) it is my leo star sign which I have wanted for ages and I barely hesitated with the placing too (wrist)
The second Me and Michaela both have, a key on my ankle, its in the same shape of a necklace I bought her for her birthday, we've been besties since we were nine (currently thirteen years)
Finally my most recent is 'Expecto Patronum' the patronus charm from Harry Potter which protects you against the dementors-evil.  Harry Potter plays an important part of my life, its inspiration for me to be a writer and being the same age and Daniel Radcliffe I also felt a bond with the films.

I am now, and have been for some time, thinking about getting a Lord of the Rings inspired tattoo-film or novel. Again this a series of fantasy which has truly inspired and warmed me. The films truly implemented my obsession with film, how something so magical came to screen so beautifully I think it's only right a honor them.
See below for some ideas (left to right) J RR Tolkien's signature and representative, Arwen's butterfly design worn on a headpiece, the Evenstar which Arwen gave to Aragorn, nine in Elvish that which all of the fellowship have


Fashion: Paradise and Peacocks

Went for a meal with some of the family (Mum, Amber, Bryony, Imogen, Nelson and Alan) at the pub in Ludlow called The Unicorn-love the name. I had vegetable lasagne which yum but couldn't eat it all then I munched my way through apple and rhubarb crumble with custard for desert, a little cold but nice nonetheless.
Bought my mum lilies-her favourite and My Week With Marilyn on DVD :D
Spoke to my boyfriend after on the phone for a bit and he advised me of the menu options at his brothers wedding, I shall be having leek and potato soup, Mediterranean Vegetable Mille Feuille and likely to be profiteroles for dessert or though I don't always like cream, I'm sure it will be lovely anyway.
Anyway it got me thinking about what the deuce I'll wear!!
Some more ideas, this time from French Connection and I really am a fan of both these styles; the colour, shape and material. I am struggling to find them online in my size, they seem to have a lot more of the black and pink rather than the peacock like turquoise shade I love. 
I can imagine this with a tan, french manicure and waves or curls. For the longer sleeved one jewelry wouldn't be needed but for the short sleeved shift gold would be perfect and bright accessories for example coral, pink, orange for the shoes and bag (or potentially gold for those too.)
From what I can found the dresses range from £60-90, although ebay seems to have a fair few as well.

See below dresses:

Below are some shoes I do like L-R (ASOS, TOPSHOP, RIVER ISLAND-both)

However I already own three pairs of gold shoes and a pair of pink so I couldn't justify buying another pair unless I completely adored them or didn't already have the colour. 
In high heels (above three inches) I have purple, lilac, black (x6) gold (x3) pink (x2) blue, silver, cream, turquoise, leopard print, amongst others!

Friday, 16 March 2012

Beauty: Mascara Reviews

I discovered recently that I own eight mascaras, not too excessive I think. I still have all of them, even though some are probably passed their sell by date! It's interesting to see how the different makes and prices effect the outcome. I have fairly long but quite soft light lashes so I need volume as opposed to length.
The prices vary from £6.99 to £16.50

L’oreal Telescopic-£10.99
My friend recommended this>damn you Hannah! I really don’t like it, at all. It made my lashes clump, gave little volume and barely any length.
Hannah has quite short but thick lashes whereas mine are long but lack volume; she loved it and I loathed it. For the price I wasn't impressed

L’oreal Volume Millionaire Luminizer -£6.99
I actually really like this one but it flakes! A lot. It did give my eyes a slightly greener tinge and its good a for a full, daytime look but after half an hour I had little bits of black under my eyes . I think I would recommend it and I do still use it but I am always a little gutted when it begins to flake.

Rimmel Waterproof Day 2 Night- £7.99
I borrowed this from my friend (Becky) when I forgot my make up at work and WOW! The lengthener is amazing; it really made my lashes reach out. The volumizer clumps a littler but all you need is a little patience and a steady hand.
Also definitely waterproof it’s a devil to get off!

Bourjois Volume Clubbing-£7.99
This is the second time I’ve bought this mascara but i really don’t know why. It’s too heavy and turns my eye lashes into sticky lumps. I love a fat brush (see Benefit and Urban Decay) but this fails to separate or even support my lashes. It drags them down; I keep trying it out but just become frustrated.

ME ME ME, Fat Cat-£7.99
Confession: I only bought this mascara because it’s called Fat Cat and it’s OK. Just OK. It gives your eyes the standard slightly longer, slightly fuller flashes

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara- £9.99
I bought this one from Boots as an experiment and I do like. It gives a full lash and doesn't clog my lashes but doesn't give the WOW factor I was looking for. It is definitely a decent buy though and I would recommend it.

17 Wild Curls Lashes-£6.99
I think I got this free when I spend a ludicrous amount of money at Boots. It's not one I would buy myself as I don't tend to like 17 eye make up. It wasn't very good and had a very slight wand but considering it was free it was OK but I wouldn't say it's worth £6.99

Too Faced Lashlight- £16.50
I bought this on special offer from TK MAXX-such a good buy, I love the little light it has too for added precision. I think I found about five pounds cheaper and I really love it. Its worth the spend-Too Face never lets down really. It doesn't get a 5/5 purely because no mascara is perfect!

I can see from below that I seem to prefer wide heads to my wands with clear precision and longer lengths on the actual mascara in order for me to get the fullness i like.


Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Fashion: Wedding Wonders

I have a summer wedding to attend (boyfriends brother-who I am yet to meet!) and cannot decide what to wear, people keep saying I have ages but its already March!
I have some ideas but I just keep going from idea to idea.
Below I have added photos of celebrities in dresses I love and also some I've seen online I kind of like

I like the idea of a bright colour as I will have been donning the tan when the date comes around so possibly orange, red or lemon:

I also like the idea of pastel and/or nude shades:

Or go bright but vivid with purple, azure, turquoise/green :