Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Fashion: Ziad Ghanem the Cult Couturier

Ziad Ghanem is also known, quite wonderfully, as The Cult Couturier. He is a British born designer whose beautifully contrasting pieces are bonded together by the glamour and chic design of every article. Even when using the splattered paint effect on numerous pieces of his line he constantly offers elegant articles of clothing; he is a bright, beautiful designer.

Ziad’s Magical Matka Johanna

In his most recent line for Spring/Summer 2012 eerily titled ‘Matka Johanna’ Ghanem’s pieces are breathtakingly stunning.
The name of the line is potentially named after the Polish religious horror film of the same title, which provides an interesting perspective on the compellingly exquisite outfits.
Much like the film the designs are dark, interesting and dramatic.
The striking combination of black lace and nude sheer offer a magnificently theatrical image of high couture especially when combined with the contrasting shapes and cuts.
Possibly one of my favourite lines this season, Ghanem’s designs endeavour to capture the fashion hearts of those who are able to appreciate gothic glamour, dark romance and have an eye for over the top, but nonetheless, beautiful tailoring.
In such an eclectic compilation of garments we are presented with many contrasts. The cream, could-be wedding dress with its lace under garment and bottom matched with the cream, ruffled gloves would not look out of place on the red carpet. Whereas the black sequin mini dress with its figure-hugging shape is my new favourite LBD. 

Ziad’s Breaks the Boundaries

The use of black fishnets on the upper body and sheer on the lower brings to light the fashion boundaries Ghanem steps but still manages to offer sleek and suitable styling.
Though a great deal of the line is dusky creams and black Ghanem has still managed to pour in some colour with a rainbow drenched male and a knee-length red dress which is disastrously stunning. These particular pieces prove that as he offers the combination of block colours, contrasting materials, paint sprayed dresses and extremely interesting shapes he never fails to remain chic and elegant.
It is also rather mesmerizing to see men dressed in corsets and lace (pictured above) or a sharp, satin a-line skirt suit, it is almost as though he is saying; women can rock the androgynous look in suits and haute tailoring so why not a man in a dress?
Ziad Ghanem's SS12 collection.

Bringing Sexy Back

This line is truly a magical masterpiece, with a slight air of Moulin Rouge meets a European horror film Ziad Ghanem’s 2012 line is dangerous, daring and dazzling. And as much as his line is very much couture, he never fails to inspire us to bring a little of this style into our own world. As always, this most recent collection is able to remind us that you can never be too glamorous, too dramatic or too beautiful when it comes to fashion.

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