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Literature: The Heart of Olympia

This is a sample (The preface and character introductions) of a story I have been writing since i was nine!! It's insane I just cannot get the right concept anyway this is what I have so far and I'm still deciding how I'll forward with the piece.
I also have the characters described in my head to a t, also see below for the actors who they're inspired by, its easier to describe that way.

“No way,” Link shrugged, “I’m retired.”
“Link, man, you’re a …God…GOD!”
Link glared at Kristen, she could get them both killed with just a slight raise of her voice but nobody reacted, they both breathed a sigh of relief.
“Careful,” Link sneered.
“What happened to you Link? Jeez,” she leant in with whisper.
“Ah man,” Link took a sip of his beer and shook his head, “I grew up.”
His dark gold hair fell across the piercing blue eyes, Kristen noticed they’d lost most of their sparkle; she ran a tanned finger around the rim of her glass and sighed.
“Scarlet was…”
“Don’t say it, Kristen,” Link snapped as he dropped the empty bottle on the table and glared up at Kristen, she stared straight back, “I’m not doing this, I’m not going back, that life sucked, it was a mess.”
“And this? Living in hiding? Link, this is much worse,” she hissed but he just stared, “Her name is Harlow.”
Link’s facial expression barely changed but it was enough for his sister to notice, he stared at his empty sunshine hands and tried to hide his face of any emotion.
“She’s 18. Good girl, only kid, not selfish, honest, independent…”
“She’s not Scarlet.”
“No, you’re right, Harlow probably cares.”
“Scarlet cared,” Link mumbled.
“For herself, sure,” Kristen downed the rest of her drink.
“She gave her life for us.”
“Oh, please, Link, are you kidding me? She got caught. She didn’t sacrifice herself, she lied and she cheated. The only thing she cared about was getting out alive, she didn’t feel guilt and she definitely didn’t care about you.”
“I won’t do it.”
“There’s more Link,” she stated.
“I don’t want to know,” he pulled up his hood and scraped back on the stool, he slid out of the seat and slouched out of the bar, Kristen followed.
“I’m going to see Maximo…” She whispered.
“You haven’t spoken to The King?”
“No I…”
Link came to a halt outside the bar; he slipped his hands into the warmth of his hoodie pocket, took a deep breath and turned on Kristen with haunted eyes.
“I still hate him Kristen, I told you I’m done now fuck off and get out of my life.”
Kristen watched in despair as Link marched away, the heavy rain thundered down and Link stomped through the puddles with hatred.
“Oh go away Max!” He shouted and looked up to the sky, thunder rumbled though the midnight heavens and lightening shot down hitting the metal bin barely five inches away from where he was stood. He laughed to himself and carried on walking, the rain continued to violently fall around and Kristen sadly witnessed her old friend walk away once more.

Meet the Gods
Nicholas Bellum wiped the dark blood from his nose and smeared it on the ripped jeans which clung to his dark, muscular body, he laughed loudly and blocked out the sound of the jeering crowd around him, the heavyweight Mexican facing him grinned menacingly, preparing for another fight. He didn’t care what the others said, how dangerous this was it was the only way he felt alive.
Nicholas’s handsome face was clean and undamaged and as a bead of sweat slid down his smooth forehead he frowned, this was new; perspiration. But a challenge was something Nicholas more than relished and it seemed that for the first time in years he had met someone who was more of a competition then the standard street fighter.

Annabelle Drury fiddled with the true pearl necklace around her neck and pouted her full, pink lips as she applied a final layer of mascara to her unfairly long lashes which surrounded the aquamarine eyes. The blonde girl smiled to herself as she heard the raised voices of the beautiful couple next door argue heatedly, she would happily take all the credit. Being apart from the other eleven and being forced into hiding was taking its toll on Annabelle. She’d been warned not to abuse her abilities but the eighteen year old needed to feel the love and attention she was born for. It was unfair and unnatural for her to be so separated from the life she was used to, the male and female continued to roar obscenities at each other, Annabelle clutched her necklace and sighed; time to make it right.

Link Crowe couldn’t forget the uneasy conversation he’d had with his sister just last weekend; she’d looked different; older somehow, like the time apart had taken its toll on her. He didn’t know where she lived or where she called home anymore.
She’d used her magic to hunt him down; it was the cold, cruel streets of the Lower Kingdom which Link now called home, perhaps not happily. It was always damp and it was mostly dark but when the sun shone Link couldn’t hide.
He stared into the mirror and a pained blue eyed, golden-skinned boy stared back, Link stood up and grabbed the guitar to the left of him, the one thing that always soothed the boy; music.

Maximo Oaks stared at the battered map, he knew Kristen was doing the same thing and he was ninety sure she had almost succeeded, Max had always admired the fire which burned within her, Kristen was nothing if not passionate.
Max threw the map onto the seat next to him and closed his dark blue eyes for a minute before taking control, he was coming up to a small sector he knew play host to Corey. He also knew that if he loitered too long Corey would feel his presence and although slightly foolish Corey had always been easily drawn to his king and Max was not ready to face him, not yet.

Rayna Gold saw the image of happiness conjure inside her mind and she was relieved to know it wasn’t her imagination, it was the truth.
She was saturated with love and delight as she saw her sister in her pure white gown and heirloom veil draped across her beautiful face, a tear fell down Rayna’s face. For the first time in what seemed like forever, Rayna had managed to secure happiness for her sister which meant only one thing; Maximo was on the move.

Perry Torch threw a haystack across the other side of the barn and retied her curly black hair with a sigh; this wasn’t the life she had ever imagined. Perry loved the family who had taken her in and adored her harvesting lifestyle, after the life she had once lived with her fellow immortals something was missing, as if there weren’t enough seeds to sow or plants to nurture.
She was satisfied and she was happy but she was uneasy, always on edge, living in both anxiety and excitement that the knock on the door was the sound of one of her old friends, coming back to tell her that it was all back on or the Titans having sought her out and slaughtered the family who protected her.

Kristen Keyes lit a cigarette and sighed as it disappeared right before her very eyes, she threw the now empty packet of Marlboros out the car window and tapped the steering wheel impatiently, the sun beat down on her tan skin and she sighed to herself as she recalled the less then successful meeting with her old friend.
“Aargh,“ she growled in frustration and hit the steering wheel again, “one day, one day.”

Harry Wing grinned enthusiastically as he fell from the tree and landed on the back of a Pegasus, the creature did not attempt to knock him off; it knew when it was in the presence of a God.
Those who believe these magical beings no longer exist know little about the life Harry leads; it’s full of freedom, enchantment and flight.
He soared up and resisted the temptation to rise higher, he knew he needed to remain stealth, as he relaxed he let his body float through the atmosphere and felt wondrously at ease.

Cole Blue stood on the soft, hot sand of the beach and as the Ocean licked at his feet an intense emotion of passion and excitement infused his body. The silver moon shone down on him and as he removed the blue t-shirt he revealed a toned physique and broad shoulders, he dove off the coast and into the deep, warm sea. The unforgiving waves hit his golden body but the harshness of the sea only delighted the teenager more, as he slid out of the water it was apparent that his golden blonde hair and light tanned torso was completely dry and untouched by the water which has just encased his entire body. He checked his watch and frowned, it had taken him nineteen minutes to reach the opposing shoreline; he was slacking.

Corey typed furiously on his silver laptop, his mind was too focused on keeping the internet protected to use it for data entry so his hands would have to do.
His brown eyes flitted from screen to screen as he absorbed all the information it was throwing at him, he couldn’t believe it. He’d had a feeling of strength and at times longing and as he battled with the technology he felt the sensation grow stronger.
The face of a beautiful girl with dark hair and green eyes flashed onto his screens, he took a sharp intake of breath, so it was true, they’d found Athena.  

Kat Dennings, Jessica Lowdnes, Katerina Graham, Zac Efron, Hunter Parrish, Josh Hutcherson, Annasophia Robb, Holland Roden, Leighton Meester, Josh Peck, Shad G Moss, Rupert Grint

Yes I aim high :D

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